Where do Arsenal need to invest in order to challenge Man City & Liverpool? | The Debate


Ian Holloway & Kevin Phillips discuss Arsenal’s transfer policy & debate how many players they need in order to challenge the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.
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  1. Hishaam Ahmad says

    Arsenal asking Stan Kroenke for money: Ye mate, at least £90 mil

    Stan Kroenke: Hmmmmmmm
    Are u surrreeeee????!

  2. Jj Jj says

    We should invest in a new board.

  3. Mudig says

    Arsenal will always just keep investing in potential. They have fallen so behind I don't think we should even have discussions about how to improve them like they're some sort of big club or something. The days they were considered a big club are long gone. Hell even Tottenham has surpassed them.

  4. Super Reigns says

    Its just weird that guendouzi keeps on starting…..there is already developed player at Torreira……why dont emery just start Ozil,Auba,Laca,Pepe,Torreira,Ceballos at once……

  5. Steven Lobban says

    The arsenal board are not intrested in winning trophies ffs all they care about is making top 4 for champs league and making profit as a club

  6. Sandeep Patel says

    Wtf did Ian Holloway actually try and say it was other fans. Do one Ian, we all know there's an element like this in every club, and comments like his are blind to the reality. Sky please don't put dinosaurs like this on who try and excuse/obfuscate what's going on. A disgraceful comment. Not insulted by it, but shocked at his ancient way of thinking.

  7. Eman 300 says

    Arsenal need 2 more wingers a CM a DM a back up RB and a CB.

  8. OT maz says

    Asernal needs coach who can read the game knows the weaknesses of the players , Xhaka , willock Guendozi they are not good together too slow and no direct play , Emery is not very good that's why he was sacked from PSG he repeats the same mistakes every time .

  9. Harry B says

    And now Rashford smh what is this coming to

  10. GiacoC says

    why is there even such question?
    This won't be a real possibility till the moment City get hit by sanctions from UEFA
    Noway Arsenal can come even close to them in anything

  11. BK-17 says

    We don’t need white people talking on race issues unless they’re taking responsibility

  12. chas farthing says

    If they talk about who is better, comparing United front 3 with Arsenal front 3. Which teams would take one of Uniteds front 3? Maybe Martial. Who would take one of the Arsenal front 3, I'd say most teams

  13. Olanrewaju Ajibua says

    Man Utd and Chelsea fans are pathetic , Aubameyang lost a last minute penalty against Spurs could've gotten us in the CL but our class fans stood behind him

  14. Akhil Bandi says

    We need a World Class Centre Back and and an experienced Powerhouse CDM to partner Lucas Torreira

  15. sayid mohamed says

    I think we should sell xhaqa mikhitarian ozil n replace them with 3 pgood players,1 defender and 1 defensive midfielder i attacking midfielder,then we should be good enough to challenge i think.

  16. Dreonix says

    Wdym they give us money. They still don’t and never have. They probably negotiated a bit this season but that’s it. Don’t be fooled guys we still spent around 50mil for a net total

  17. Elyjah Bounds-Hutton says

    I think we need 1 more class centre back and a back up right back to cover bellerin and someone to replace ozil and mhikitaryan

  18. jameslock1 says

    Look the racial abuse is pathetic but you can’t stop it with legislation. Other places in the world, ie America still have freedom of speech so good luck stoping them if they wish to be idiots. Sticks and stones an all that.

  19. Jarrett Thomas says

    Such a dumb ass question. Obviously more strikers and attackers 🙄🙄

  20. Ahmed Almalik says

    Racism and hate speach is disgusting, always.
    Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of the world we all wanna live in; you've gotta let the discussion take place, so the worst of us and the problems of society can be seen and addressed.

  21. gautier h says

    wow "i'd have fancied Cahill" coming from an experienced manager that's a shock.

  22. hanono miri says

    Arsenal defender's are the easiest to play against in the premier league. FACT

  23. Connor-James Football says

    PLEASE check out my channel, i create ARSENAL related content and absolutely love filming the videos! any support would be so very much appreciated, cheers in advance lads

  24. MrBenjibb says

    Can someone add subtitles for Ian Holloway pretty sure there wasn't a coherent sentence in there

  25. madzangels says

    hahahahahahhahahahahahahaa – Arsenal? Compete with City? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. mickey moynihan says

    Thanks for the video sky, but my favourite bit was the start becuase racism is just not accepted and i am glad you gave that message again, disgusting. Arsenal,Tottenham,Man Utd could challenge. Sorry Chelsea i think that you will need a rebuild next summer.

  27. David Meghnagi says

    From the thumbnail I thought Kevin Phillips was Robert Pires lol… quite the disappointment when I realised otherwise!

  28. Emmanuel katende says

    Mateo iş forced to play 90minutes which iş a big problem at his Age he will gt a serious injuŕy better toreira God every season Emery annoys me ozil was removed frm starting line up now toreira also benched we will see them in cups

  29. Trump says

    sky sports trolling people for views xD

  30. jomie orbino says

    Goalkeeper…what kidda question is that

  31. Joe Bloggs says

    Buy 8 new players starting at the back lol

  32. y1521t21b5 says

    Brilliant ending to the clip 😉

  33. BizarreSporty Nerd says

    A little late for this

  34. Luka Ban says

    If multi-millionare world class footballer Paul Pogba gets offended by some bloke called Gary calling him racial slurs, then he really is easily offended

  35. Max says

    auba, laca, pepe, ceballos/ozil>lingard, martial, rashford, james🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. sjewitt22 says

    Racism is a symtom of the political situation.

  37. Razr sliQ says

    Socratis Holding Luiz.

    Sell Chambers & Mustafi & replace with Rugani & Upamencano

    Replace Elneny & Mkhitaryan.

  38. Razr sliQ says

    Upamencano & another world class Winger. Then Replace Mustafi & Elneny

  39. niken aprilianti says

    Coach and owner

  40. SilentAssassin93 says

    Super Kev – Albion legend.

  41. Barney Bridge says

    Why did pirlo shave his hair off

  42. Metz Lyov says

    Arsenal has invested over 100 million thus far and the results speak louder.

  43. GHOST J says

    Arsenal need to play Torreira for the reason he was bought defensive midfield and xhaka out, since Xhaka came to Arsenal we hve been reduced to playing europa league.

  44. PoonkAmi says

    Yes let’s destroy the free speech of the public because Paul Pogba got made fun of by some children.

  45. Ngawang Tashi says

    Another basis pundits! 💩

  46. Shrine says

    They need Kimpembe to sign

  47. Ehab Al-Otibi says

    Arsenal Winning tow games in the starting of the season and already taking about the title!!!!!! Wow!!!

  48. God is one!!!!!! He's allah says

    Sadio mane ballon d'or is the best player in the world.

  49. Bang Babalas says

    Disgusting. All racists. But GFYS about uploading my ID to Facebook and Twitter.
    Well done let's give social media more power.

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