1. Debokarsho Dutta says

    please do james vs forest

  2. Alan Trim says

    Totally one footed.

  3. Victor Jeffy says

    Baby player

  4. Samuel Mutero says

    Hope to see more transfare bans come😂😂😂😂

  5. Miki Tewelde says

    He is 100 times better than old mann Aspiluceta

  6. ASARE TV says

    I love Chelsea

  7. Obinna Agharanya says

    He's a great guy and has a great and bright !

  8. djamesfrancis says

    With a degree of Shakespeare 1.54

  9. Charles Sawanga says

    Lots of love James….Keep going bro.

  10. Chewing Tooons says

    Its great to have a replacement for Dave. Reece needs to be put in Golden handcuffs with a good payrise and long contract with sky high buyout.

  11. Sam N’cho says

    What a season he’s having 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  12. 고가음 says


  13. Brock Lennon says

    His crossing technique + strength is my take away.
    Can Chelsea ban continue for + 1.5 years pls FIFA Chelsea needs it

  14. R.S. L. says

    Cut your hair you ugly fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kawku Joshua says

    Mo salah

  16. Ishaq Abeebase says

    I like players who ain't selfish and always plays as a team good job James

  17. Matthew Dunham says

    Reece James used to be our sponsor. He is a spectacular little player with everything he needs to make England win the world cup and for Chelsea to win the league

  18. Jesse Ndegwah Football says

    He's going to be a huge star

  19. jim bob says

    Went to school with the guy. Nice lad

  20. Sidharth Murali says

    After Moses, Zappa and azpi I thought we would never get a RB that can cross

  21. Doflamingo.j Newgate says

    Omg what a world class perfomace agianst what juventus town?

  22. FULANI KING says

    Is time azpliceauta to rest

  23. Ali Badran says

    England Have A Great RB Collect Between The Youth , Experienced Players

    James Reece

  24. mr gwanson says

    Unreal talent, far more gifted than trent and bissaki, loved him at wigan last season

  25. WYLGYUTA says

    right foot only

  26. Henrik Michael says

    Looks very complete already

  27. Sep says

    lebron must be proud

  28. firdaus FARIZ says

    2 assists , woww 💪👏👏👏

  29. Daniel Chidiebere says

    With this new era of young and talented crops of players in the club, FIFA should extend the ban with two more windows. The ban paid off well! Blues young talents are on🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️$$$

  30. Adrian Akkari says

    zouma, james

  31. Mark Owusu says

    This guy is the closest to Essien I have seen in a while…very similar characteristics..height power..touch and versatility

  32. Sam Stark says

    How did you access the pre match footage?

  33. playboy boyka says

    Bery strong reece jme

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