Unai Emery calls for patience from Arsenal fans after 2-0 defeat to Leicester | Post Match


Unai Emery insists his young side need time and has called for patience from the fans following their defeat to Leicester.

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  1. Aida Ghafur says

    00:06 and 01:49 are what we’re here for

  2. Somal Lo says

    Why is this Mexican wearing a suit instead of his sombrero hat and the moustache because his appearance doesn't reflect the way how he speaks.

  3. andrew kimber says

    wow,so irritating to listen to

  4. 6mik78 says

    Man at least do the efforts with your accent, he speaks english as if he ´s speaking spanish

  5. Tushar Roy says

    I will give him some time more he will turn it around

  6. DDream 1986 says

    He doesn’t seem to understand the extent of the mess.

  7. Andrew Shepherd says

    They did-a one post….!! 😂😂

  8. Sadiq3335 says

    Kncok on the toilet door. Who's in there?

    Good ebening. I am in the toilet. Not having a good ebining. I'll be a while.

  9. Jack Dolah says

    He looks like mcconaughey

  10. SUYOG KALE says

    had 0 shots on target after going 1-0 down…what the fck was your startergy which worked…do u even know your tactics or best 11…u are ruining the whole beauty of the game..nd are not even getting results…

  11. Jacob Salter says

    Good ebening

  12. Byron S says



  13. Rory says

    It’s amazing how quickly he’s learnt English, but I think it was pretty crazy hiring someone who didn’t speak the language to begin with. Shows how hard it is for an English manager to get the top jobs when we even hire foreign managers who can’t speak English. Surely the key part of a managers job is communicating with the players.

  14. Swalik Swaley says

    Retard!At Arsenal we don't just try.Can't wait to see you out of Emirates.

  15. Enrico Awe says

    I just wanted to hear those two words.

  16. Claw says

    this guy sounds like dr.doofenshmirts (idk how to spell) from phineas and ferb

  17. boost junkie says

    the dumbest coach in arsenal history

  18. Tony Lawlor says

    Emery was brought in to do a job fixing the defence and the midfield, he has not done either. He needs to go

  19. walter thairu says

    Ebening tactics have failed. …

  20. Tiger In the Desert says

    In a way, I feel sorry for the guy. He seems real sincere with what he’s doing, but unable to propel the club forward towards its ambitions at the pace the ‘supporters’ expect. Well these were the same guys who threw out Wenger in the end, and now is crying for him to come back.

  21. no flex zone says

    I wonder if he's aware that the whole Internet takes the piss out of his signature phrase

  22. David Samuel says



  23. D T says

    Arsenal doesnt need some stupid fans because of which team always struggle even though we are amazing. We were doing great still a great team but some of the fans are not suited for Arsenal they speak without thinking.

  24. Luca Human says

    Video starts at 0:07

  25. Karel Peters says

    Lmao so funny

  26. Bare Minimum says

    What do you make of your teams play today?
    G O O D E B E N I N G

  27. PhantomPlayin says

    Michael That was just a noise

  28. Tafe Bayo-Ajayi says

    You be correct morrafoka!

  29. Rashid Khalid says

    Did he say good ebening in French when at psg and Spain in Spanish

  30. Mr Blake says

    It's like he's a self aware meme

  31. Tobey LCFC Vlogs says

    Does this man even know that he's managing a football team not a basketball team

  32. Thyphon Azazel says

    Whatever happens he will be start with "good ebening"

  33. BaconMurderer98 says

    He must hate Jamie Bardy

  34. Peter Egan says

    I want everything to work out for the team under Emery but honestly If Emery can help our fan base come together that's whats needed. I'd love To go to the Emirates week in week out and hear us supporting the team for 90min. We are the 12th man!

  35. Rob Ross says

    Good Ebening 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Aime Kikanzu says

    a cartoon talking like Spanish Mr Bean

  37. MrSarajcity says

    We are consistent Unai we lose all the time…

  38. george graves says

    He does talk a lot of sh,+

  39. Cactus J says

    I genuinely don’t understand what he’s saying 😂😂😂🤣

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