1. Haris Inceol says

    Wannabe adamlz alert

  2. Live love laugh Dori says


  3. The Shenanigans show! says

    There is nothing like hearing V8 engines…

  4. Fire Hunterz says



  5. TJTurbo06 Fast says

    What paint job is on that GTR at 6:42?

  6. ZildjianGuy Man says

    Kind of a shame to put a body kit on an RX-7. They're great looking cars to begin with.

  7. ZildjianGuy Man says

    That wing at 8:20 is ridiculous. Is it supposed to be a bit of a joke or do some people think that's actually cool? Don't get me wrong, I love wings if they look good. A 2 feet tall wing does not look good.

  8. just your typical hamster says

    5:00 goddam

  9. Okeim Mclean says

    Id like to see a truck meet

  10. Rishabh Shah says

    1:48 those swifts feeling neglected in the background

  11. Fernando Duran says

    My favorite Nissan GT-R is 2019 gtr such an amazing car 😍😍😍😍

  12. Vincent Mattsson says

    That vas good Cars there 😄🏎🚗

  13. Zachary Pollack says

    U got bad taste. And they are called negativevinlayed wheels.

  14. Rob Fox says

    Green veilside rx7 is super dope

  15. Aquarium Adventurers says

    6:40 I got the exact same car but with an titanium exhaust and of course another paintjob

  16. Dina Lizi says

    Which one car is that at 10:27

  17. J T says

    Having a V8 rx7 makes no sense to me especially when the RX stands for rotary. If it's not a Wankel motor it's just not a real rx7. What's the point lol it's like taking a Tesla and putting a 427 in it instead of a brushless electric motor in it.

  18. MC SDON Firez says

    10:08 surely that can't be legal

  19. PSquiddy06 says

    Rest in piece Paul Walker

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