1. Heyitstori says

    Listen when I’m sick I’ll tear up some saltines for sure

  2. L D says

    Really, Jeannie?! “ The white people’s goldfish” If the producers don’t think that’s wrong with her bringing up race like that something is definitely wrong with this show. This show is starting to be discriminating towards white people! Then they hire another mad woman on the show. You might as well take Jeannie and Loni off of the real! Conversations will even be more one sided. Jeannie needs to take a class in how to be more professional when she talks. Ever since her divorce she seems to have lost it, hence her speech and the way she talks now Resembles an Asian girl trying to act black.

  3. Layla says

    I like wheat thins. The original only cuz that other stuff uh uh. Ooh and Ritz they the truth.

  4. Lord Lex says

    Tamera I hear you!!

  5. Rachel Needell says


  6. nicole nikki says

    No townhouse or club

  7. Jennifer Vasquez says

    Organic cheddar bunny crackers 😂😂

  8. Paisley Fluker says

    I like Aunt Annies products and Back to Nature products!

  9. TiaRenee Denson says

    Loving these outfits

  10. Betsy De La Cruz says

    And Loni always getting tam I’m so tired of her being a bully

  11. Betsy De La Cruz says

    Jeannie too much

  12. Aishya476 says

    Crix! Literally no one here will know what the hell I'm talking about lol but I just had to say it lol.

  13. Jayy Hollie says

    Nobody likes Cheez-itz?? Lol🥺

  14. Jaelynn Easely says

    I love chicken in a bisket

  15. Jennifer Jaramillo says

    Never going to forget the time my mom thought gold fish was cereal and made my sisters and I eat it! I couldn’t eat gold fish for several years after that.

  16. Danny Diaz says

    White cheddar ritz

  17. Kam says


  18. stevie bana says

    Idk if I'm crazy but why Jeannie reacting like that wasn't she the one who used to be so organic all the time and was always talking about chia seeds every 5 seconds. No hate but I feel like her and Tam switched roles

  19. roeg48 says

    ROFLMBO @Adrienne saying a Trisket would tear up the roof of her mouth!

  20. Cindy Azu says

    So Jeannie can get mad at Lonnie for calling out someone’s “white side” but calls tamera out on her “white side” LOL WHAT.

  21. Reaction Nation videos says


  22. Kat says

    THEY DO SELL CHICKEN IN A BISCUIT!!! It’s my favorite 😭😭❤️

  23. sharon miller says

    Yes Jeannie Chicken in a biscuit, and Punky Brewster!!

  24. Aisha Givens says

    Jacob crackers, saltines, Pepperidge farm Golden butter crackers, cheez-it, wheat thins…

    did I miss any?

  25. M Miranda says


  26. Y Marie says

    I love Adrienne’s puerto rican accent😂

  27. Hallow Jones says

    Adrienne kills me: it’s the bootleg goldfish

  28. jonah smathers says

    Saladitas Crackers > Premium Crackers

  29. Sick Pens Vlogs says

    Chicken in a biscuit is gross 🤢

  30. cuiny lucie says

    i love ritz crackers! it was my first thought when i saw this video. for a while i ate it with nutella. i only ate nutella if i had ritz crackers with it.

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