Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal | Extended Premier League highlights


Ten minutes of action footage from the Bramall Lane victory over Arsenal.

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  1. Ember Clan says

    Up the Blades.

  2. Teng Wang says

    Wow! After seeing this video, Saka was denied a penalty I'm afraid

  3. electricdreams67 says

    Arsenal's crosses into the box were ineffective and they were not able to open-up Sheffield's defence. Hardly any possible attempts to shoot low and any long shot appeared predictable. Arsenal seriously need a good play-maker to make things click.

  4. not bad says

    Stupid komentator

  5. Brian Ssendagire says

    Emery is clueless and stupid. Get Allegri while we have the chance!

  6. Aniket Salvi says

    Emery out

  7. tuan nguyen says

    Một đội bóng mạnh với lá gan chuột nhắt dkm

  8. tuan nguyen says

    Sa thai emiry đi dkm

  9. Supristyo Tri Haryanto says

    unay emery stupiiiiiiiiiid

  10. Andy Wright says

    Great blades win played with Yorkshire grit superb defenders Egan was class

  11. shahnewaz saad says

    The arsenal seems retarded to me, although they keep losing without Ozil still he doesnt let him play! I hope Ozil accepts Barca's invite

  12. Mochi Mochi says

    Not Ozil, Emery Out

  13. Jin Kaido says

    [H E R O] • Henderson ♥️

  14. beverley henden says

    I don’t surport Sheffield United but, well bloody done!

  15. muhammad Al fatih says

    Lord pepe kpn nyetak gol😢

  16. Ethan says

    Poet and Vuj were right The Blades play with proper heart

  17. Barberasredhair says

    That defending at times is sheer beauty. I feel as though it could be set to Vivaldi or Mozart with the movement & synchronicity

  18. Vulpuia Khiangte says

    Heyy Unai your time is up now,Arsenal have now the two world class attacker Auba and Laca, ozil can feed them as long as they were played together,but Unai don't want to make ozil on the pitch why? This decision is shit bullshit unai emery. Unai always making wrong,when you are often do wrong,you are not good enough for the club, why the Arsenal Board remains silent ??? Sack this stupid clueless unai

  19. ALSHEHRI _A10 says


  20. oldtrafford says

    Superb intensity from Sheffield United Kudos! 🥂🍻

  21. The Clube Man says

    Good job Sheffield in defeating the Specialist 4th place team.

  22. Liam Ashton says

    Great work blades!!!

  23. dancan sirengo says


  24. Dayle Dodwell says

    What’s the point in having VAR if you’re not guna use it. Saka clearly got fouled and he gets a card for diving.. stupid game

  25. Paula Clarke says

    How I love my team….

  26. Scorpius Joecrux says

    Good job Wilder! World class manager! With a team that has a world class mindset. You can see that they understand the meaning of their club… Sheffield 'United'. As a Manchester United fan, this means a lot to me, especially as I see Dean Henderson making world class saves.

  27. Dom Berry says

    S h e f f i e l d U n i t e d !

  28. Leisure-TV says

    Emery out❗️❗️❗️

  29. TJ ViVo says


  30. Thomas Klos says

    Top half finish watch it

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