Real Housewives of Johannesburg S2 Ep 12 + Reunion Part 1


RHOJ Full episode
rhoj season 2 episode 12
rhonj reunion full episode
real housewives of johannesburg full episode
real housewives of johannesburg reunion full episode


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  1. T T M says

    Lethabo is an aggressive bully who thinks she can actually effectively communicate 🚮🚮

  2. Rudzani Makamu says

    Can we all agree brinette was the best dressed at the reunion

  3. Ayanda myeza says


  4. Ayanda myeza says

    I love Lethabo😆😆😅😅I think Lethabo is our South African Nene From Real Housewives of Atlanta😊😊

  5. Time Is illmatic says

    Y’all got all this money but your hair looks awful

  6. Khethiwe Gubisi says

    Mpumi is a traitor

  7. Chuene Masoga says

    Mrs Mops voice annoys me yoh

  8. Chareen Kauazunda says


  9. Mahlatse Mamabolo says

    Lethabo come back home. You started off nice but now you doing too much

    You don’t even live near Julius malema but that’s none of my business. I guess the whole Zone 1 belongs to Julius Malema 😂😂😂💣💣💣

  10. Samantha sage says

    I really hope Lethabo doesn't come back next season yhu ai she's just stress fela

  11. GINA Mongwe says

    Brinnette looks stunning, she was is queening👌🏼

  12. Kea matjila says

    Mpumi s eyebrows😹😹

  13. Manelisi Mahlangu says

    Leejoy 😍😍😍😍

  14. Lethokuhle Matjele says

    Admin please

  15. n.a.n.a says

    I love Mpumi and Lethabo, I don't care who says what 😂😂

  16. maxine ramsy says

    Lebo ha o nyalwa ke sfebe o tla bolawa ke stress! Your husband was friends with ladies before you came along babe! Chill

  17. Keneilwe Teffo says

    Honestly this season is boring AF. As for Lethabo🤣 she sounds like an airhead, loud, always bullying the ladies arround mzuzu she dsnt even make sense ge abolela haaai people are tryna be relevant

  18. Jerry Moeng says


  19. Kgosigadi M, T says

    One conversation for such a long time, who cares if she asked about their bank account, geez. Isn't the reunion supposed to cover way more than 1 flimsy occurrence 🙄

  20. kamo Lee says

    Joe: “you don’t think?”
    Lethabo: “yah”


  21. Yolisa Ndaba says

    Lejoy, Christall, Mrs Mobs ai they really get on my last nerve. I love Brinette and Lebo tog…

  22. Joan Serumola says

    What's it with the scarf over mouth… 🤔

  23. Tlaki Nkadimeng says

    Lebo is talking shit!

  24. Ntombifuthi Memeza says

    Can’t wait for part 2 because wow🔥🔥😂

  25. Ntombifuthi Memeza says

    Jerrrr the bleach Lethabo’s using is really getting into her head, wa bora oo. Whoever told her she’s the ish ore lekile 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️jerrr she’s too loud mahn

  26. Nosipho Ngeleka says

    Bridget , Christelle , Lebo( I just wish she could talk better , she's too soft and I can't I need her to let these girls have it) 💯♥️👏👏👏

  27. Boitumelo Seemane says

    Lebo must come back for season 3 ❤️ ❤️❤️

  28. Lala Kethobile says

    Mpumi-get out of town
    Lejoy- I'm not getting out, I'm here to stay and tell you the tea

  29. nyarai huruva says

    Thanks for the upload love

  30. Akua Gawe says

    Lebo is such a lady. To think she's the youngest.
    Yhu abaSisi 🤣

  31. xiluva mitileni says

    Yhuu part 2😂😂😂

  32. Pru Rose says

    Lethabo is drunk but it’s from bitterness and unrest!!

  33. Dee lesedi says

    A se ho hlasela Lethabo, its called being a pain.

  34. R. Aralar says

    Omg I love this

  35. Nthomeng Majara says

    Lethabo was wrong in repeating that. Here is my question, why aren't Mpumi and Lebo saying anything, aren't they the ones who said something to Lethabo?

  36. Makoena Masipa says

    Lebo is so smart

  37. Mmankolo Mokgotho says

    Lebo is a true beauty. And a real sweetheart

  38. Mbali Vanda says

    I grow up with money

  39. Makoena Masipa says

    Lejoy is such a bully🚮

  40. Lebo Feni says

    I smell the truth from afar which Lebo and Mpumi know and are failing to answer to Lethabo's question

  41. Mbali Vanda says

    Lethabo scarf I chanel for real

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