1. пабг мобайл says


  2. Nelson Salim says

    Great highlights keep it up

  3. Gulamin Salim says

    Welcome the first Luca Jovic… Goall

  4. NO You says

    0:32 Gay fans LoL

  5. Aldy Willemsen says

    I am Really Happy ¡Hala Madrid!❣️

  6. Mewan wijekoon says


  7. Saal Lestopar says


  8. Roberth Umbu Rey channel27 says

    The best my favorite club 👍👍👍

  9. Dzul Alfaaizi says

    worst pes playing..

  10. Brown-Erwens Caleb says

    HALA MADRID 💪💪🇭🇹

  11. Real Madrid fc Spain Rma says

    Реал Мадрид 💪💪💪

  12. Hamzah Izzulhaq says


    WE MISS THIS DAY…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Basri M says

    Real madrid is the best

  14. David Baca says

    Hazard because he didn't do both penalties ??? That would have helped him regain confidence in the club

  15. Bahtiyar Madridista says

    Courtois clean sheet

  16. Carlitos Elmar cianito says

    When your highlights video isn't long enough so you create the rest in a videogame

  17. ashadi anwar says

    Where's Bale???

  18. Aloyz Hiji says

    wtf! pes at the end of the video? lol

  19. Đôn Hoàng says

    Marid marid

  20. Nixon Maanary says

    Halla madrid!!!!

  21. Alexander De Rosa says

    Hazard vino vencido 🙁

  22. Panashe Makaya says

    barca scores 5-1, madrid be like "kid, hold my beer'

  23. Miguel Alberto Angel says

    El centrar Madrid, vay asco de equipo JAJAJAJAJAJA

  24. дамир ИЛЮСИНОВ says

    Неинтересно вообще

  25. Kafi Kurnia says

    Hala Madrid!!

  26. Sanjie says

    Ah… Madrid. Lawan tim cupu aja baru garang. Dasar meong lu…

  27. Fauzan Akhsan says

    Mantap madrid menang 5 o.

  28. _ABDU-HANNON_ AF Salomov says


  29. haekalghiffari says

    benzema should calm his ego and knowin' his limit:)

  30. TOP 10 facts says

    Omg hazard has become a very terribel player he had a open goal and he even didnt touch the ball

  31. Im Nub says

    they do not give hazard confidence

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