MK Dons vs Liverpool | Milner strike & Hoever header puts Reds into next round


A blistering James Milner strike and an emphatic Ki-Jana Hoever header put the Reds into the next round of the Carabao Cup

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  1. yung boomer says

    Connor Mcgrandles…. COYD!

  2. Ronan Kenny says

    The way he sais Kellehers 1st name

  3. Cannon Fodder says


  4. Fayas Bai says


  5. Stiz Kramer says

    Youth today just aren't what they were back in my day…

  6. 뀨뀨 says

    I got a day off work that day come on you Dons so i feel so good

  7. An experience monument: James Milner.

  8. hoho4919 says

    did klopp managed this game or is it his assistant?

  9. Hanny Tanny says

    Ki-Jana Hoever is great

  10. Muhammed Fajir.v.a says

    Someone was having a crossbar challenge….

  11. Muhammad faris officiall says

    Alhamdulilah liverpool winner you never walk alone

  12. Ahsan Ali says

    Match was fixed

  13. Franny Darko says

    Sorry not very impressed by the kids tbh only oliver was the only to stand out for me..must do better B-

  14. santiago matius says

    I love the current Liverpool.. Help me say happy fan day to me… 23 yrs being a fan and I see eliot, hover kijana are doing great well done klop we love ypu

  15. Emmanuel Manu says

    Liverpool have a great future. Liverpool no size

  16. Taylor Ewart says

    Where is Harvey Elliot's amazing pass to Milner?

  17. Ethan Hunt says

    I like ELLIOTT👍

  18. Tapas surabaya says

    Liverpool is like a sleeping lion, who just woke up from his sleep. Once you wake up, make the world of football uneasy … go ahead and destroy your opponents …😁😁😁😁

  19. ทรงคือเติบหนึ่งยุดอกละจาร5555

  20. Courage Matsikri says

    Harvey Elliott may have not scored two goals in that match but he did win the crossbar challenge

  21. Brian N. says

    llike fine aged wine..uncle james milner with his nephews…teaching them. By action..Harvey Elliot.! WOW !liverpool legend but don't become another Ben Woodburn

  22. Sofe R says

    James Milner is so mean,

    He didn’t let anyone else even shine 😂😂😩

  23. Aaron T says

    who needs bobby duncan

  24. 1980extremeG says

    James Milner and Gary McAllister are two of the best free transfers ever and they both play/played for Liverpool.

  25. The Monday League says

    What a header from Hoever! Great to see our Dutch talent performing well!


    Great Win lads :+))))

  27. LFC 4 LIFE says

    Jones is the young Lallana. The future is bright for LFC. Elliott and Brewster wow . YNWA

  28. darganx says

    I'm surprised the goalposts never collapsed, they took a battering

  29. Preston Pinchelette says

    Who's that Milner kid?

  30. Bennie_and_a_jet says

    Liverpool's future looks very bright!

  31. 彡『BLAZE』彡 says

    Game of crossbars as posts. Like if u agree

  32. Dewottify says


  33. Only thing worse then Elliot’s attitude is his shooting skills.useless clown.

  34. Aydin Rehimli says

    MO salah

  35. MikeyS says

    Whats with those dmn spoilers in the title nowadays

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