Mikel Arteta reacts to 'cruel' Chelsea comeback | Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Post Match



Mikel Arteta says there were a lot of positives in Arsenal’s performance against Chelsea, but to lose to two late goals was difficult to take.
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  2. James Ray says

    As a Liverpool fan I'm actually scared to what Arteta can do with this Arsenal team. He needs time and faith from his supporters and players, already he has started to show signs of change that was needed well over a year ago. Give him the money and time and they will be top 4 contenders again

  3. Tom Sawyer says

    Arteta has to deal with what reveals itself as a very weak transfert politic of players these last years, you cannot build a team on some individual either offensive and defensive players only, they al need both at a fundamental professional level.
    The quality of individual defence is so low, almost amateurish level for some, compared to each player from Liverpool, and this happened so often this year that they loose a game which they lead by the score.
    Why on hell do they give away the possession of the ball, which was their best quality, why they retreat so low in their half of the pitch, why they stop building and finishing their counterattacks, why are they unable to double the score when the opponent takes all risks.

  4. RadiantPro says

    Wenger vs Chelsea: Fail
    Emery vs Chelsea: Fail
    Artera va Chelsea: Fail

    Never will succeed ey arsenal?

  5. Arbnor Murturi says

    Can’t believe he blamed Jorginho too for his and his team performance 🤣

  6. Zack Ng says

    Players started to understand his style of play. This takes time. Team is more organized now especially when they losing the ball. Things will get better. Hope they will do something in January transfer window.

  7. Alex Rowson says

    Classy fella!

  8. Andhika Pramudya says

    fookin ref

  9. Irfan Huda says

    Might as well start liking Arsenal for this guy.

  10. Dylann Roof says

    Arteta out

  11. Decyferme says

    This dude looks like a Pep student

  12. Fraser Pallissery says

    As a chelsea fan, i would like to say please give him funds to buy a proper centre backs.

  13. Oladimeji Adams says

    I don't know wat other fans think of u but me , am in full support of ur job, u did not make this current situation that we are, am just seeing the changes u are bringing. Come on arteta I gat u, collect money from the board and go for defenders. Which am sure we will.bounce back to top 4 and next season we will be a top challengers. COYG

  14. Edson Pacheco says

    Imo from a Chelsea fan… I hope Arteta will get Arsenal out of the mess they're in… he's class

  15. Jollopukki2 says

    He learned English from Guardiola )) ???

  16. Di. Bollati says

    Vamos Arteta lets go clean sheet for everyone, brings fire and live into "death wood players" again

  17. Donovan Riley says

    First time in a long time I've seen Arsenal fans not be aggressive against the coach after a loss. I love it

  18. Steve Wismark says

    Arteta cost us this game . He was out managed after the game started and they dominated us for the last 60 minutes. His player managment was shocking again . Every one could see the players were out of gas by the 55th minute but instead of puting y3he subs on at 60 minutes he let Chelsea run allover us. Making a change at the 84th minute when your team is dead on its feet is pointless. The conditioning of this team seems to be shockingly poor and has been shown in a least 6 games.
    1 out of 6 is not good enough and I can see it goi to 1 point in 9 by the end of the next game.

  19. abd majid hanafiah says

    I thot he said Arsenal should be ruthless…but nothing happened when Chelsea were unsettled . Silly Manager .

  20. Usmaan Ali says

    Mikel artetas body army

  21. Mark says

    As a Arsenal fan I was jealous of Liverpool n City because they found managers that are a perfect fit for their clubs , I think we have found our perfect man for arsenal n properly Chelsea have there's in lampard too

  22. Impractical Prankers says

    You can clearly see how much he doubts leaving City 😂

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