Leicester City 0:4 Liverpool | Pundits confirm Jurgen Klopp has won em the title & Trent brilliance


Leicester vs Liverpool 0-4 post match analysis Pundits confirm Jurgen Klopp has won Liverpool the Premier League title & Trent Alexander-Arnold brilliance scoring goal and assisting twice Man of the Match
#LEILIV Leicester City vs Liverpool

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  1. velveteyes79 says

    Another 3 points today, 13 clear with a game in hand… it's looking good but it isn't over, the momentum must continue.. minamino should help but nobody can win the league with 55 points, we've definately secured safety to see another season in the top flight, but thats it really and truly.

  2. HOPE lost says

    Andy please stop! it's not in the bag yet! one game at a time.

  3. Ordo Heritcus says


    The title is won, when no-one can get more points that your team!

    No one can say that at this moment, so the Premiership has yet to be won.
    A true follower of football, knows that miracles and disasters can still happen.
    Liverpool supporters have seen their fair share of miracles, so will not be taking anything for granted!
    So when the maths say that Liverpool will have one more point that any of the chasing teams no matter what happens,
    that is when the title goes to Merseyside and not before.


  4. Rangi Namana says

    Calm as you life.

  5. peter warren says

    It's only pundits that make predictions, Liverpool fans no it's not over until it's over

  6. Pól O'Giollagain says

    Ahh stop it for feck sake we ain't winning nothing yet
    Onwards bring on the wolves ..

  7. mediacenter man says

    5:16 No one could tell Rushy to fix his tie? C'mon, be a bro

  8. We have to win another 15 matches.

  9. Joe Turner says

    Anyone know the score? 😅😅

  10. Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo says

    Virgil will get injured and Liverpool will choke

  11. Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo says

    Let's be honest Liverpool has won the league where most of the top six if not all are rebuilding. Don't kid ourselves that Liverpool beat off challengers from the top six at their peak. Only United and Arsenal did this and Liverpool were dead in the water. Why has it taken thirty years? Schmeichel one a title, had a kid and his kid won a title like come on man Liverpool has been straight banter for thirty years. Twenty times GGMU.

  12. Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo says

    Dude as a united fan I admit the league is done. Mad beats up in this bitch BTW

  13. Dean Cox says

    Liverpool lost only one game in a season and a half ,, sorry pep it’s over

  14. Shakeel Malik says

    I wish people stop saying it's over Liverpool won the league,it's not over we haven't won as yet,everyone stuuuuuttttt uppppppp lolol

  15. julian philp says

    When they lift the trophy is when they win it

  16. Jess Lana says

    I feel like everyone is saying Liverpool have won it to put Liverpool off

  17. Shalu Maddy says

    16points gap between Leicester and 17th points gap with MC if they win another game in hand..its enough to say they are title winner ..even miracles can't help MC or Leicester to overcome this…liverpool put enough of savings for future..

  18. Deplorable D says

    Ian Rush is the most Scouse sounding Welshman on the planet. How much England could have achieved if he was our point man back in the day.


    Ian Rush looks like a Walker?,how old he has grown,one of Liverpool's devastating striker.

  20. brendan daly says

    It's over we have it..

  21. Tapiwanashe Samuvumba says

    People forget how the media plays a huge role in the title race they are the ones that instil fear in other teams if u remove the media football becomes much more fairer. As a Liverpool fan I like the Hype but the title will only be ours wen we lift the Trophy


    Stop saying wvwe won the title already.its only half way through the season.still got 20 games left.ffs.

  23. honey badger says

    Still can't believe people say there's no way Donald Trump will be a president and he win the election I'm liverpool fun and I still don't believe we didn't win the league title 2014 with Gerrard and Suarez

  24. S S says

    Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

  25. AussieAlex says

    Liking not only for the win but because of Rushie

  26. Alfred Chan says

    If liverpool had won the epl now do we still have spectators for the next 19 games…

  27. Tony Brady says

    If its still like this in 3 weeks then I'd say it's over

  28. Hleketile Chauke says

    " liverpool can't Lose the league from this position, they can't''
    That's the best way to put it

    One game at a time!

  29. Hleketile Chauke says

    Lol , is it just me or Virgil and Klopp sound the same???

  30. redniwsaj zie says

    Still 20 games to so it's not impossible to lose 15 points.
    Just be grounded and don't get that pride to your head.
    Let's talk about it when there are 5 games to go.
    Until then, keep being humble and do what you are doing.
    Be rooted guys.


    And minamino hasn’t play yet!!! Wow

  32. Terance Dhaver says

    This idiot is still a sky pundit…… Shocking. What a fucking idiot. How is he the only person that doesn't see him lean into the ball???

  33. Terance Dhaver says

    Poor video.

  34. Shahrul Haidi says

    Imagine, if klopp EPL target fail agn, maybe the club's owners, players, staffz n fanz needed 20 yrs more

  35. Nader Moustafa says

    After this game I can say to Salah congratulation Champions of England this year . Good luck Man city

  36. Saltire says

    Was the editor of this vid having too much Christmas sherry? It was all over the place! Love hearing Keys choke on his words congratulating Liverpool even if he is premature.

  37. Wade Ashley Fice says

    We must stay grounded

  38. Tom Smith says

    If we get to the end of February still in the same shape.

    Ill say we got it i think we have it baged but ive been here before for 30 years.

  39. MadLFC DC says

    Keys and Gray. They love Liverpool don't they really? Both of them the quintessential wankers of tv football. More than just a woman's opinion.

  40. Alzaeem14 says

    This is so nice, seeing Ian Rush (the best Liverpool player of all time) on analysis shows, he rarely appears on them.

  41. Drew Smith says

    L-Pool destroyed Leicester as i siad they would ..miles better side LFC …lets see what Craig Burley says now aha Muppet

  42. WarCloud Wu says

    Forget about the title just concentrate and focus on the Wolves next …..YNWA.

  43. 19Lion8 says

    I was slightly surprised LC didn't get a bit more physical.

  44. A Roshan says

    One game at a Time Lads

  45. II Parachute Regiment says

    I believe if Watford put their minds to it, they can finish 2nd

  46. The Stones 1980 says

    Keys is an absolute clown, some things never change.

  47. Robert C Lynch says

    After 2014, I'll never assume it's over. It only takes a couple of losses and the challengers get some momentum. But the gap is lovely and it's just a game at a time.
    Had we lost the European Cup final, I'm convinced that the hangover would've been huge. But winning that cup changed us from entertainers to winners – and added a resolve to the team. That winning mentality is required so that we keep winning and don't bottle it.

  48. Dark Knight says

    Is that Bill Shankly?

  49. Dwayne Pillay says


  50. chubbs peterson says

    I dont think we have won the league..we've pissed it 👍

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