Here's How Much It Costs To Actually Be A Real Housewife


Being a rich housewife is one thing, but being one of the Real Housewives is quite another. Maintaining a TV persona requires a level of investment that some might not be prepared to make. So what do these famous faces have to pay for once they nab their coveted cast member spot? Here are just some of the expenses involved in the life of a Real Housewife.

Sure, the drama of the Real Housewives is addicting enough, but another one of the best parts of the show is the cast’s outfits. Not surprisingly, the stars seem to know this, have you ever seen a Housewife wear the same thing twice? In fact, Lisa Rinna’s costars from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave her props on Watch What Happens Live for her new-and-improved-wardrobe in 2019.

If you assumed that Bravo picks up the check for the Housewives’ clothes, think again. Alex McCord of The Real Housewives of New York revealed that the ladies are responsible for all those swanky outfits.

McCord explained that the pressure to dress well is high, since viewers still compare the Real Housewives to scripted shows that have extensive costume departments. To save money, she said, some stars will borrow and return items.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne told In Touch Weekly that she spends “$40,000 a month on clothes, shoes, and accessories”, and also claimed no one else is footing the bill for her.

Watch the video to see Here’s How Much It Costs To Actually Be A Real Housewife!

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Glam squads | 1:29
Cosmetic procedures | 2:43
Drool-worthy mansions | 3:43
Expensive staff | 4:59
Staying fit | 6:13
Pricey weddings | 7:18
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  1. Mary Adkison says

    Rinna 💩💩💩💩

  2. Bonita Drake says

    They are ALL wasting there money to look like high class street hookers!

  3. Italianmom says

    Leeanne did not spend 4.5 million she spent zero nothing she got everything for free because she went around crying to everybody that she had no money

  4. Cindy R says

    Lisa Rinna clothing line is amazing and adorable !

  5. Lis Bodil Karlsson says

    how is it possible to be so stupid?

  6. janelle jandreau says

    What a waste.  Bunch of show-offs.

  7. Julith Brown says

    Erika $40,000 a month on clothes, what an idiot. Go and buy homeless people a flat

  8. Rilley Griffin says

    no one cares if you wouldn’t waste the money, so save your redundant comment.

  9. Rocky Mountain says

    How many of these women work? They are spending their husband's money, and the cash machines aren't even really part of the show.

  10. Bella Wangari says

    To look good you do not need to invest alot

  11. Kimberly Frazier says

    I spent 3,000 on my wedding!

  12. Marie Foreman says

    Just scream, narcissistic & out of touch

  13. Tasha Brown says

    All that money for hair and makeup and they still look like muppets 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Kgothatso L. Hosie says

    I saw lisa rinna on the thumbnail and had to click on it.

  15. Feng shui!!! please!-LMAO!!! There's a sucker born every minute, & Shannon B. has it written on her forehead!

  16. brenda courneyea says

    Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Deanna Christen says

    The more they spend the worst they look!!!! Be real!!!

  18. Sam S says

    It's all so New Money. I'd love to see an Old Money housewives show but that would just be all passive aggressive low boil drama with sensible outfirs.

  19. Andre P. says

    This Housewives franchise is getting very tired and old Andy. Last season was my last Now that Lisa Vanderpump quite RHOBH I'm done.
    I stopped watching the others years ago Atlanta OC, but don't mind seeing Countess Luann once in a while.
    Feeling Jovani.
    Real Housewives OUT VANDERPUMP RULES IN.

  20. Rin Matsuoka says

    when I saw lisa rinna’s stiff plastic face and swollen lips i just had to click

  21. manxkin says

    There is nothing real about any of these "housewives".

  22. Mom Puff says

    What a shallow life!! Crazy!! They literally live in another planet!!

  23. Maggie's Journey says

    There are children living on the streets but there is this???

  24. David Maine says


  25. Juke Joint says

    These women look like you could wet their lips and stick them on the wall…

  26. Andrey Naidenov says

    Here we go again women with rich/famous husbands doing nothing get and spending money crazy money just to look good. What is is intresting?

  27. Adams Newman says

    So it should be called fake Housewives

  28. Adams Newman says

    They get a clothing stipend let's not kid ourselves. That was very much reported on. Years ago

  29. Shane Fallon says

    Dana was only a "friend" of the Housewives, so I understand the antics with the sunglasses. Sad thing now is that she's serving time for some sort of scam.

  30. Nicole Marie says

    I am sure their expenses are business expenses.

  31. Georgina O’Hara says

    Jeez! Costs a lot of money to look that cheap huh?

  32. Kelsie Gale says

    Is anyone going to remember or even care about what they wore or what shit they have when they die though 😑 I bet it’s great to have money..but damn.

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