Following a season and a half at the club, Mattia Perin has bid farewell to Juventus. Here are some of his best moments in the Bianconeri jersey.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. Hafizur Mahdi says


  2. Ryan Cash says

    All the best Mattia good luck hopefully you come back

  3. afrizal riefky says

    Only loan

  4. Samuele Riccobene OFFICIAL says

    Non so, sinceramente dava più certezze del 40enne che finge di apprezzare la panchina. Ciao Mattia, per me rimani un rimpianto😢

  5. Dhanush lover __ DK says

    Why him not khedira ?

  6. Giovanni Ferrari says

    Mattia, grande uomo, buona fortuna

  7. zakone m says

    For now.. Next "GOOD LUCK KULUSEVSKI"..

  8. RAK says

    Came to juve
    Got a haircut

  9. serge aristide kouassi says

    Congratulations Good luck

  10. Giovanni Della Santa says

    Non per dire ma è andato via in prestito, torna a fine stagione, fra 5 mesi sarà di nuovo in casa Juve.

  11. Giuseppe Moscarella says

    Grazie Mattia, per te solo un sacco di sfortuna. Ti auguro sinceramente il meglio!

  12. mediandy indra says

    Sarri Out !!! This is Juve not Napoli.

  13. Alessandra Tudor says

    Good luck Mattia👏👏❤️❤️

  14. GIAMBA _ 030 says

    Forza juve

  15. Tsalits Nugroho says

    Thanks Perin. I believe you learnt from the best in Juve, and now you leave to play more match. Good decision and good luck ahead 👍

  16. crifix says


  17. Sohrab says

    Anyone knows where's the next destination for him ???

  18. Mario Gomez says

    Giocava alla Juve?

  19. Mihael Đurasek says

    I was a huge fan of Juventus, im still, but i dont like few things. I dont like how they treated their players who give everything on pitch. Im talking about Mandzukic, Marchisio, and almost Dybala. After that they lost my respect. Every game that i watched till now is almost agony (few of them were very promising) And in my opinion this year Inter deserve more Scudetto. I dont know what is happening with Sarri. And he forcing Khedira and Matuidi, instead trying something new. Put Dybala as CAM and you will have a creativity in midfield. Is this so fucking hard?

  20. random dude says

    Isnt he gone on loan to genoa?

  21. Luigi Saba says


  22. Alex says

    Festeggiamo finalmente ci siamo liberati di uno dei portieri più scarsi che abbia mai indossato la nostra maglia, ciao e a mai piu' 👎👎👎👎👎

  23. cr 7 says

    hope buffon won ucl before his farewale 😢😢😢

  24. Marcus Jansson says

    Thank you mattia!

  25. princextreme88 says

    buona fortuna mattia

  26. stefano cosenza says

    Dovevate farlo crescere e tenere,no riesumare le mummie!!! Mah!!! In bocca al lupo Mattia

  27. lu3a2792 i says

    Today i sold Perin in FIFA 20 Carrer

  28. דוד בנישו says


  29. Dr Markingenius says

    Dai non è giusto perchè non vendete pinsoglio

  30. Eddy Key says

    Che bidone

  31. Stefano says

    Acquisto sbagliato purtroppo, a parer mio non bisognava lasciar andare via Gigi due anni fa..
    Probabilmente non è stata data troppa fiducia a Szczesny al tempo

  32. 3fsad 666 says

    why is juve destrying themselves

  33. Karim Benzema says

    Nooooooo :"(

  34. Luanderson De Jesus melo says

    Ótimo goleiro bela contratação 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  35. Davide Tomasi says

    Sbam cassa

  36. koneshima Boku_ says


  37. BIANCONERO says

    Poi ci chiediamo perché giocano più stranieri nn ci sono italiani all'altezza di giocare in grandi club

  38. Yaboy Hungy says

    no no

  39. Marco Carbone says

    Dove è andato?

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