Experiment: Car vs Long Balloons, Candy, Light Bulb, CD, Pasta, Ice Cream


New experiments with cars create asmr. Car vs Long Balloons, Car vs Candy, Car vs Light Bulb, Car vs CD, Car vs Pasta, Car vs Ice Cream.

WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: Car vs Long Balloons. #experiment #vscar #asmr

Our aim is to provide you with interesting cexperiences, the funny sounds. It help you relax after stressful working.

Experiment vs Car – ASMR on YouTube:


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  1. Allen Sandrazie says

    So cruel

  2. Juana Maria Medina Mejia says

    La mejor puñalada del mundo

  3. shalu patel says

    Wasting food

  4. Vestel Venus says

    nimetleri eziyon

  5. Nice crushing

  6. Dr Matches says

    Love crushing Sounds

  7. Just a pop lover says

    Sorry I find it funny that it says don't waste any food but you guys are the ones running over it😂

  8. PumpkinPie says

    ❤️cool vid! keep it up!❤️

  9. Julienne Presendieu says


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