E. Frankfurt 0-3 Arsenal | Saka Is SERIOUS Talent! (DT)



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  1. Anubiez Black says

    The guy in the middle makes me smile (pause). His joy is infectious!

  2. Jin Van Palta says

    Arsenals peddlar of anything you want. There all just waiting for him to finish the interview before the shop opens.

  3. Brigh Ayemere says

    Everyone is happy now but I'm not because we need consistency. This is arsenal f c please

  4. Jolyon Ward says

    The laughing at 0:27 reminds me of like a 50 film

  5. alisuo toko says

    50 shots in 2 matches 😂 we need to work on that come on Arsenal good win

  6. Squirtle Hvac says

    The guy in the middle brings good vibes😎

  7. JJJS 0801 says

    I think they should SAKA Emery

  8. JR9 YT says

    Bruv we did sick

  9. p 28 says

    Here we go…..Arsenal are worldbeaters again this week.
    God it's embarrassing

  10. wnnalis cioov says

    50 shots in 2 matches 😂 we need to work on that come on Arsenal good win

  11. ChrisMeerkat says

    AFTV after a prem game: 'We're shit! This isn't good enough!' Arsenal fans after a Youropey League game: 'We've got some serious talent!' 😂

  12. Winston Churchill says

    Confused why is he talking black when he ain’t knob,

  13. Tom Chan says

    Congratulation to Arsenal for beating a low mid table team in Bundesliga league. Great performance from those underrated players like Xhaka.

  14. Bear says

    Grow up

  15. Abu Sufian says

    And Saka will be shit in a few games.
    Carry on talking fella

  16. Undergroundkid says

    Saka almost let a guy score

  17. Bla Bla says

    We played little bit better than bad team, problems are still there and will stay there till we get our 2 CBs, + one more RB and LB (as cover ) . Then we have to get rid of SCARED players ( Xhaka, Özil, Mustafi and Kolašinac) . Then we have to give Emery 2 years to make everything click together 👌

  18. n x says

    Wana be gangsters !!!!

  19. Daniel Heffernan says

    These aren't arsenal fans

  20. Johnny KS says

    Calm your tits it's only Frankfurt

  21. MELBEN says

    Chambers was solid

  22. Gooners Media says

    yah Gunners yah

  23. alida flus says

    50 shots in 2 matches 😂 we need to work on that come on Arsenal good win

  24. Steve Pritchard says

    boi in the back shooting looks like he's Eddie Hearn

  25. Kids can Save our planet says

    Oi fam blud blud blud emrey out wenger in

  26. Ethan Claridge says

    Mustafi is the goat

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