Do Frank Lampard and Chelsea need to sign a back-up for Tammy Abraham? | Premier League


With Chelsea free to sign players in January after having its transfer ban reduced, ESPN FC’s Mark Donaldson and Stewart Robson assess where Frank Lampard can improve the Blues in the winter window. Robson also picks out U.S. men’s national team star Christian Pulisic as potentially Chelsea’s best addition in the past three seasons.


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  1. Brendan Sousa says

    Yes they do. Batshuayi offers nothing and Giroud is definitely on his way out this window.

  2. Ngoni Mwaruta says

    Uyu anorwara uyu

  3. Tkay Mhazo says

    We need a left back, winger n a striker

  4. DEVGRU13 says

    I gained more knowledge playing Fifa than these commentators ESPN hires.

  5. DEVGRU13 says

    we need defense, that's it!

  6. Carlos Silva says

    That guy doesnt have a clue of what he is talking about, Tammy is a target man, the cm position is full of talent.

  7. Mmhajan PATTON says

    A backup? I'd say Chelsea need a top striker. A starter. Yeah Abraham getting goals but his overall contribution isn't too productive. So yeah, not a back up, someone who could take his starting place if he don't perform in his previous matches.

  8. Aleix Browne says

    Timo werner please

  9. Muan Valte says


  10. Innocent Video production says

    u think pulisic is going to b magnificient for chelsea , go and look at trent Arnold he is 21 and already a top class Player for Liverpool, pulisic was not even a first Team Player at dortmund

  11. Thomas Joy says

    Another thicko who thinks jorginho is nt good enough…pathetic😑

  12. Arunabh Lala says

    He didn’t mention left back ! Are u serious? That’s the main position

  13. Elliot Guillett says


  14. Rabah Taha says

    Chelsea needs to sign
    That's good 300 millions will make Chelsea really compete for more trophies ✌👍💜👏

  15. NORTHFENCE FC says

    IMO need lb, cb, replacement st

  16. Oh Yeah Yeah says

    I reckon we should get Harry Kane as a back up incase Big Tammy gets injured

  17. Ethan Shrapnel says

    Midfield should be the least of Chelsea's worries. We've kept like 5 clean sheets all season, a world class center back or a potential WC cb and a competent modern day left back would do wonders. Maybe even someone to push Kepa to fulfill his potential because he's been too complacent this season, gone backwards in maturation instead of forward.

  18. Luv Tomar says

    When Bayern return to London in Feb and perform another London thrashing, at Stamford Bridge this time, Stewart's gonna change his mind.

  19. Radical Gambino says

    No they have giroud and batman on the bench.

  20. abdiaziz osman says

    Chelsea must transfer deal players
    Timo wener in Chelsea
    Rodrigo de Paul midfield Argentina
    Samuel chukwueze in Chelsea
    Yuocef Atal in Chelsea
    Ben chilwell in Chelsea left back
    Kalidou koulibaly use zuma

  21. abdiaziz osman says

    Chelsea need best midfielder future
    Rodrigo de Paul he can play no10 position attack best deal for Chelsea long time future

  22. abdiaziz osman says

    Timo winner is key player important for Chelsea he can play winger and striker

  23. Shamil Rasheed says

    Winger, striker, center back, left back

  24. 83 Smith says

    Chelsea need a supreme manager if they're going to compete, though Klopp is a one off, don't think any manager in the world can compete with him at the moment.

  25. Aaron T says

    jorginho is underrated

  26. Vivek Munshi says

    I don't understand the agenda against Jorginho. He single handedly changed the game against Arsenal.

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