1. LIVE TOP says

    this kid have right mentality to play for Chelsea – hes a warrior

  2. Leonard Barasa says

    More than Danny Rose.

  3. Anders Pedersen says

    Strong boy.! Looking forward to see more of him in the amazing blue shirt! forever blue!!

  4. Boden Smith says

    Seems like a really humble kid, looking forward to seeing him do well!

  5. William Tukei14 says

    He has speed like Pedro

  6. Kat Shahirin says

    Well well lampard are good man in making decision and respect people such a young player

  7. Pj Thapa says

    Happy for the lad… He's got potential

  8. Mystery Man says

    Looks like a black chipmunk lol with a puff on his head.

  9. Real talk Tv says

    Who the fuck are those 15 people who have disliked this video lol why you hating on a young English lad who has just played in the premier league 😂😂😂😂 too funny

  10. MysticDuke ZZ says

    He’s from Ghana btw 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  11. okocha291 says

    my african brudda

  12. Someone Real says

    Beautiful young man. Best spoken interview ever.

  13. Grb C says

    Would have never ever played under sarri. He would have said, we wanted the height advantage, so we can't play him.

  14. David Jones says

    Seems a bright lad

  15. Yusso 17 says

    He looks like roddy rich

  16. Jelajah kuliner jalanan says

    Fans chelsea from indonesia


    I love the energy and you can see the true passion in his words and expression,yet another gem in the Chelsea treasure chest, very exciting young man, good luck really looking forward to seeing you in a Chelsea shirt for years to come.

  18. JACOB C12 says

    0:07 voice crack

  19. RBL Yaqub says

    Man looks like headie one

  20. Everyone1lies D says

    It's not funny anymore I'm losing points on fantasy football because of Zouma not letting kane out of his pocket James not letting Zaha out and now this kid Keeping Auba in his pocket.

  21. Alex Eder says

    How do you call a 1 on 1 interview a press conference?

  22. No homo No homo says

    Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea

  23. Kelly Glen says

    Yessss lad

  24. Essy says

    let's all ignore the voice crack🙂

  25. Arun Sankar says

    Roddy ricch?

  26. Sean Lee says

    The only reason you beat us it’s because that useless var and that referee

  27. Anthony Hine says

    Well done!! 💯🔥👍

  28. billli z says

    I like this guy saw him against Chelsea his looks like his got it fit a full back just hope he grows more Cuase the prem ain’t that friendly. Liverpool fan so ik what a good up and coming English full looks like 😂

  29. Luke Bashian says

    Heard Lamptey had to spend a solid 3 hours fishing Aubameyang and Lacazette out of his pocket, they just got so deep in it

  30. samuel ade says

    Chelsea young players are too humble I almost want to hate it I want some zlatan Ibrahimović vibes in football again

  31. laithmeister says

    This kid has nerves of steel. I think he’s going to be a great asset to the team.

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