1. Charlie James says

    If this was man utd he would be hyped so shut up

  2. Oh Breekk says

    imagine being an Man Utd fan and saying “I hate injustice in football”

  3. Ray Browne says

    Great game 2 great teams comon Chelsea

  4. Optimuz says

    The two red cards where the right moves

  5. Nizi B says

    1:25:50 the referring has been 19/100 . Absolutely disgrace

  6. Sibisi 1 says

    Mark Would you Take Promes at United??

  7. El Marocano says

    Nothing I love more than salty United fans.
    If anyone was robbed, we were robbed for the win, Ajax’s handball was way more clearer than Abraham, Abraham should never have been called for a handball, it was completely unintentional, and it only slithered past his hand in full speed, it didnt change direction and he had no chance to get his hand away. Ajax’s handball clearly stopped the shot from going towards goal 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Ny-ASH MANYUMWA says

    I'm a Chelsea fan who used to respect Mark before watching this. Honestly, to slate Azpilicueta one of the most professional and humble players you will ever find is shameful.

  9. Josh Gilmour says

    Love your show but glad your not a ref Mark the ref made the right call red card on Blind and the pen it’s handball his hand doesn’t have to be up in the air he’s moved it away from his body and it’s touched his hand so correct call from me and not just cause I’m a Chelsea fan it’s just the right call. Up the Blues

  10. Victor Parodies says

    Chelsea were the better team in the second half even before the red. Second yellow was deserved. It’s never a pen but the fifth goal should’ve been allowed. The red depends on what he said because when the second yellow was given one of the Ajax players did touch the ref. And it wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t dominant in the second half and hadn’t taken off Alonso. Tactically the teams were even throughout the match and Chelsea probably would’ve won it if Emerson was fit and playing and Reece James because then it wouldn’t have been exploited

  11. gaz elliott says

    i dont think it was a penalty but id give a penalty lmao

  12. Eddy Martin says

    Michael Jackson and Goldbridge have a lot of similarities 🤷‍♂️😉👀

  13. It's Chelsea Ting says

    Chelsea should just Sign Ziyech just Saying!
    Ziyech >Barkley!

  14. The G.O.A.T says

    The Azpilicueta goal looked offside but i'm not sure, VAR apparently checked it but the goal was still given so idk about that one(debatable) Blind recklessly tackled Abraham knowing he had a card already(fair), Veltman shouldn't have been given a second yellow clearly wasn't intentional(unfair), the penalty given for the hand ball was debatable I felt like his arms weren't completely to his sides but I could be wrong(debatable), the disallowed goal by Azpilicueta was fair since the same thing happened to Veltman which he and his team were penalized for, the only unfair part of it was that he got a yellow and Abraham didn't(partially fair), 8 goals, 2 red cards, and only 4 mins of extra time? You know the answer to this one.

  15. Simon Stijnen says

    If this was Manu he would be the happiest man alive

  16. The Storm Legacy says

    1:12:38 – "Second game they've lost at Home, in a week."

    This is with 40 minutes left to play.

  17. TaylorJ says

    Chelsea didn’t play well but they have definitely now got something out of this. I don’t think they’ll win it but now they probably believe they have the fighting spirit and will try to compete

  18. Isa Yousaf says

    Grandad Mata😂😂😂

  19. Isa Yousaf says

    Fair play on the Kepa thing hahahh

  20. samairey 2003 says

    Veltman got booked 3 times. He got one in the first half and 2 during the penalty incident

  21. G-unit says

    loool if tht was united in chelsea position, theyd probaly lose 6-1

  22. jasinow says

    I’m not a chelsea fan but the rules changes this game. Blinds yellow during a play on is a basic rule. And any hand ball blocking a potential goal outside the lmain body line always seem to get a penalty. The second yellow for decent is a Unfortunate circumstances tbh, but kinda has to be done. And Chelsea potential winner was var’d too. So in the balance of play. Blind blew it. The decent blew it too.

  23. Louie knight says

    Triggerd mark why u so triggerd

  24. Louie knight says

    Come on chelsea we never give up

  25. Roy says

    VAR was designed to fail.. Betting firms and others (i.e. UEFA), have financial interests invested in the sport and make loads of money from games like these ones… They've ruined this sport.. Look at what happened in the Italian Serie A in 2006 when Juventus, Fiorentina, AC Milan, etc spent loads of money to win key matches and championship games, not to mention, all the referees tonight were Italian.. And I don't mean to disrespect Italians, they are wonderful people.. But corruption is full on in European football.. If they've been found guilty of paying managers and players to throw matches, then I'm sure it would be no different for referees..
    Trust me..

  26. here we go says

    Blind was foul before he made the tackle

  27. Somali flame says

    Sucks not to get the win but still proud of the fighting spirit of this young Chelsea team. Lampard needs to fix the defence on setpieces.

  28. Nightmadbro says

    Why does it say Everton vs Tottenham at the start

  29. George Lund says

    How they only added 4 minutes of added time is just bizarre

  30. EP1C_ Guardian says

    OMFG what a game that was

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