Brighton vs. Chelsea analysis: Stunning Jahanbakhsh goal denies Blues | Premier League


Alireza Jahanbakhsh made it a festive period to remember after scoring a brilliant overhead kick to deny Chelsea in a 1-1 draw vs. Brighton. ESPN FC’s Stewart Robson and Mark Donaldson discuss the performance of Frank Lampard’s side with Robson criticising Jorginho’s role in the team as a holding midfielder, and that the Chelsea boss has “issues” he needs to address if they are to make a Champions League spot.

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  1. rohit kumar says

    One of the two Iranians currently in news…

  2. armin harper says

    I'm Iranian but i think Alireza needs to score more goals, no matter how beautiful that goal was it still counted as one goal and his team only got a single point out of that game, he needs to keep scoring if he wants to stay in the premier league

  3. Iran irani says

    ha is back


    AJ is on fire. The old saying is good things come to those who wait and patient is virtue . Atta boy I hope you have a good year. Cheers

  5. Hossein TM says

    God bless Alireza Jahanbakhsh !!!

  6. Clickbait

  7. Pleggy Playz says

    Im iranian alireza your soo good wish you luck
    من ايراني ام علي رضا خوش شانس باش🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  8. Alireza Shojaei says


  9. Shahram Kako says

    Well done Ali Reza ❤😍👏👏👏👏👏

  10. sam yalajjoo says

    If you are iranian like

  11. Poker Electro says

    alireza learnt us to not judge early . im his fan and he has so many fans in netherland we all love him here specialy his personality is top notch! keep doing good jobs alireza

  12. Abyss says

    Chelsea were really meh imo. Not as poor as Tottenham but not that great either. Really there's only 3 teams in the league that are consistently getting in good performances and results rest are good one week poor the other.

  13. Ali Vahab says

    Well done Jahanbakhsh

  14. FUT MATCH 2020 says

    Aliriza if get his az form back he gona be beast

  15. 706easy says

    Goal of the decade by Jahanbakhsh.

  16. Nick van Betuw says

    Alireza was never forgotten 🇳🇱🧡🇮🇷

  17. Berserk 81 says

    Robbo says the same thing about every team that doesn't win. He truly hates possession football and playing out from the back. To the point where it's getting ridiculous.

  18. samuel FRANKS says

    How is this baldy a pundit? Brighton have passed through the back every game this year and we have not conceded once from it and Brighton had the best chances in the game and if anything Chelsea were lucky with a point . Shite punditry

  19. Mohadese Sadeghi says

    This is real JAHANBAKHSH one that we always talked about…his scoring engine is on💪🔙he is on fire🔥

  20. Duval In The Wall says

    Brighton not a glamorous side?

    You watch them play? They're entertaining af

  21. Benjamin Naderkhani says

    Jahanbaksh such a god

  22. Ray Parsa says

    If Jahanbak continues to come out of his shell, he will surprise many people, wait and see!

  23. Yafet Tegbaru says

    I just can't wait till RLC comes back and we get a few signings to get rid of these average players

  24. Chalmers Gyamfi says


  25. Rumpel JA says

    I was so frustrated watching this game has a Chelsea fan. So many miss opportunities, squad is mediocre and we definitely need to sign WORLD CLASS player.

  26. Sidiki Fofana says

    Chelsea It's an attacker's problem that always scores, we didn't say that.

  27. Tushar Namboodiri says

    I for a moment thought it was messi in the thumbnail😂😂

  28. Serena Poketeen says

    Easy, chelsea have an average manager pretending to be a real football manager. And a boyfriend called mount. Doesnt matter how bad is him always play.

  29. Yousef Ahmed says

    Chelsea are at risk of losing their 4th spot Chelsea need to sign players and credit to Brighton never gave up Chelsea need to be consistent.

  30. Michael Morrissey says


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