1. José Díaz says


  2. Joseph Mccafferty says

    Doesn't seem right having Ivanovich in there. Chelsea got their money's worth out of him. Fabregas?

  3. James P says

    do a sold by Southampton

  4. The White Wolf says

    No Diego Costa?

  5. Cristiano Messi says


  6. Juan Marcelo says

    Cork over Matic?

  7. Darryl Buckett says

    How about arranging a friendly between the current Chelsea team and the sold team, my money would be on the sold team.

  8. Mathias Andersen says

    Best player sold by barca

  9. Hilmy Al Harits says


  10. Erik Henksen says

    You mean last decade? It’s 2020 now

  11. cathal kenny says

    No Diego Costa not even on the bench

  12. Isaac Marshall says


  13. sam rasidi says

    there are oscar, matic instead of jack cork?

  14. Randy Barat says

    I want my team to hire the scout that got them De Bruyne and Salah

  15. Flar3 naz says

    this is a new decade

  16. William Strain says

    You called this video, Best XI sold by Chelsea this decade and you posted it on the 3rd day of this decade. You mean sold in the previous decade then

  17. Eoin Moorcroft says

    Robben was way better than Salah

  18. Ghost Exility says

    This video is taking the piss if your a Chelsea fan

  19. Duval Hazard says

    And trying to buy back Ake ,so stupid of Chelsea

  20. Sezaan K. says

    Juan Mata?

  21. Cheng bin Lee says

    Nobody :

    Chelsea: i guide others to treasure i cannot possess

  22. Celtic Lisbon says


  23. Manghaki PC says

    hazard is a profitable transfer

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