1. Classic Dimension says

    This match must be iniesta's least favorite game coz he doesn't want to face barcelona

  2. Yurigo Mastere says

    The really gave number 7 to him instead of griezzman

  3. lily tessy says

    The crowd is Dead you can hear players yelling….Deadass people

  4. Brandon chacha says

    Iniesta and Villa😞🔥🔥

  5. vyshu7 says

    Lenglet shouldn't be started .

  6. joshua akotia says

    Vista played better than real Madrid

  7. Campnou A.P says

    Alena-Roberto-De jong

  8. Carlos Zuniga says

    Busquets y rakitic son igual de Marca blandita

  9. Carlos Zuniga says

    Lenglet es malisimo

  10. BS Catcher says

    I told all of y'all Griezman would flop at Barcelona. I was right.

  11. Eoin Nisharrig says

    Yey! Barfa beat an unknown team, well done, world class team 😂😂😂

  12. Thegoldendfew says

    Griz not cut out for barca

  13. Pablo Showtime says


  14. Taha Badar says

    malcom showed why he deserved a spot in starting XI

  15. ArnabZ says

    Valverde’s tactic of defensive play is so sucks thats why we concede so many goals in big matches.😀

  16. Aritra Mazumdar says

    Carlos Perez surely looks a gem… There's so much talent in the youth team,just hope that they get what they deserve…btw Dembele Malcolm combo looks impressive to me 💓

  17. KCIRCE says

    E-nyes-ta…can’t be that difficult right?! First time this fuckers said Ini-e-esta was tiresome, the next 40 times it made me want to “like, get all emotional, like”

  18. ALI NEYAZI says

    Who else cried while watching this game😤😭

  19. Izky Tama says

    04:59 alba forgot his not messi 😆

  20. Jack Wanjala says

    are we gonna ignore the fact that barca's jersey look like a Blueband logo

  21. Vic. says

    Malcom blast it off the crossbar not post stupid fuck

  22. César Valenzuela. says

    los dos goles fueron muy buenos, ojala que tenga minutos en la temporada 🙁

  23. Mr. Vinny says


  24. marcelo palacios says


  25. Dj Manfred says

    Horrible el juego del barça..
    No éramos referentes en juego y presión??

  26. Dj Manfred says

    Este es Barcelona???

  27. Busquets is like a fine wine every time I see him he gets better what a class footballer.

  28. A Akhir W S says

    Youre edited really bad bro, just lag any resolution

  29. Leto Joker says

    where coutinho?

  30. Kyle says

    WTF the quality is so poor? Is this 30 fps at all?

  31. Imxs 17 says

    Iniesta went to Japan so he wouldn’t have to face Barcelona and still did…….. good match tho, seeing Iniesta and villa play

  32. Mich3L N says

    iniesta and villa making a new barsa team lol theyve got mad good since barsa years

  33. Omar Garcia says

    Dembele sucks

  34. Kurdan says

    Meanwhile in Madrid…

  35. Rafael Avilés says

    Dembele is Bad
    He definitely is the most overrated player on Barca's squad.

  36. Post match reviews says

    American commentators are fucking horrible 🤢

  37. super linkoy says

    Where was Griezman?

  38. Jefferson Huang says

    Didn't Iniesta say he left Europe so he won't play against Barca? 😂😂😂

    Yes, I know it's a friendly, but still.

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