1. LIUBCHENKO says

    10 000 Likes for Arsenal v Manchester United ? 👍⚽
    – What do you think Who Will win Premier League in 2020 year? 🔥

  2. Faiq Orucov says


  3. Raphael Reagan says


  4. Pangestu Narto says

    Max alegri goes to MU

  5. jejak cijolang says


  6. Being Awesome 1 says

    Just for laugh

  7. Miguel Bautista says


  8. mr lallain sanga says

    Poor video,Migh baby shoot this video.

  9. jolodong wijaya says

    haha munyuk goblok

  10. DITA KEBEDE says

    Good performance Arsenal FC.

  11. Dessie Bahiru says

    Good game from arsenal

  12. Arsenal Gunner says

    Waste man

  13. Paul Emmanuel says

    Great win guys keep up the confidence

  14. Annika Arvidsson says

    Arsenal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Mudit Sajal says

    Yep coyg

  16. Levi's Lalduhawma says


  17. hà Nguyên says

    I'm an anti fan M.U !

  18. Kuel Geng says

    How does every club beat Arsenal but Man U Can’t 🤔

  19. Andi Dewantoro says

    Stupid Chanel

  20. Tim Chiu says

    Where is fred's freekick

  21. HAFZHAS says


  22. Ulasan Ok says

    This is way ole should know his luck is finished. United must not rely on luck but tactical if their player are limited. No one team fear sloppy united player right now. One day they win and other day they loose.

  23. Supardichex Supardi says

    Giok Gunners, 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  24. sam ana says

    MU the loser

  25. sammy brown says

    nice on couldn't believe it

  26. Leganinziku N0zrikus says

    United dead sad

  27. Ant Wong says

    Arsenal starting 2020 strong

  28. RiddleF7 says

    Arteta man of the match

  29. Kajimi Yaz says

    2-0 first game2020…

  30. Ibrahim Ally says

    Hongera Arsenal kwa ushindi wa leo

  31. Agus Setiawan says

    Ganti pelatih

  32. Ally Zuberi says

    Pole sana man u
    By man from mahembe kigoma Tanzania.

  33. Kevaun Grant says

    Just finished watched it live

  34. Martin Kulhánek says


  35. Tymon youtuberbtw says


  36. Nico Polidis says

    Wrong Video you gaylord

  37. william bare says

    Arsenal are on fire

  38. Taufik inaray says

    Arseanl sekarang lebih baik

  39. Chepoi Izzy says


  40. bangwanto bangwantolikers says

    Arsenal fans ku sejak dulu

  41. Mohammed Nur says

    The best player ozil

  42. Thando Ncube says

    The gunners🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. eFootball Pes 2020 says


  44. Elmurod Turdaliyev says

    Malades arsenal gap yuq chelsiga yordam berdig rahmat senga

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