Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Player Ratings | A Good Performance But Still An L


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Player Ratings | A Good Performance But Still An L


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  1. Billy Edwards says

    Arteta should have had a 9 rating because in my opinion that's some of the best football arsenal have played in donkeys. Passing was sharp and quicker, chasing and closing the ball down not giving chelski time, and it's bin a while since I've seen us play with passion. It's great to see it again yh we lost but what I've seen from arteta is what arsenal have bin looking for.

  2. Yanto2013 says

    Robbie are you MAD!? Leno 4 !!!?????? IN that case you should give Lacazette a 3 for all the mistakes he made. Leno is normally a high rating, so a 5 or 6 is more realistic. The Problem with Mustafi is he does NOT know how to defend, by rights he should have taken a Yellow and brought down Abrahams as he turned instead of standing off him. Mustafi = 3.

  3. Sleek Sinfonia says

    still ranting about jorginho? how was guendouzi still on the pitch after that foul on tammy. why was the penalty not given? how was luis still on the pitch after that high boot on kante's face?

  4. murad.l says

    Arteta had good effect on ozil
    Arteta : slaps ozils ass after subbing him 😂😂

  5. Captain Smoke says

    You'd give Xhaka a 1 if he put in a performance like Guendo.

  6. Ryan W says

    Luiz should've been sent off too your biased mugs

  7. Amar Al abbas says

    Guy in the red has some chubby hands

  8. Southernbaked page says

    Auba gets a 9 along with Luiz

  9. Abdi Ahmed says

    What if I say I am the one with the Red Coat 😅😂😂

  10. bth arsenal says

    Low standards Robbie has for arsenal, giving out guendouzi a 5 for a poor game. Deserves a 3 or 4

  11. SP Libin says

    The habit of Arsenal fans: over hyping Normal players and in the end they boo him when he needs us most

  12. Janett Henray says

    Right gunners beat also the ref was totally against us,is it what it is! Right now we badly need a back line reinforcement, also a holding MF so I think gunners should loan xaha to hertha berlin that's where he wants to go;buy raboit from juventus sell auba caz he is not interesting to sign a new contract.

  13. Chaz Clifford says

    So ironic that the Jack ass pawson is the 4th official on Wednesday for our game. What a waste of space and time

  14. Icognito 160 says

    Robbie do the ratings every week, the most accurate ratings I’ve seen. Most of the time I’m not agreeing with them.

  15. Jacobs Memes says

    AFTV is a national treasure

  16. Jack Preston says

    How can you sit and say about Jorginho being sent off would change the game when David Luiz should have been given a clear red for nearly taking kante’s head off and then arsenal would have played the whole second half with 10 men. Would that not have changed the dynamic of the game?

  17. J.G.P Channel says

    Referee = -9999

  18. MC 0_0 says

    AFTV get RID of the desperate leach in red, every bloody time!

  19. Edit Man says

    Blaming the ref uno

  20. Sai Pawiroredjo says

    Arsenal play very well.
    The staff and the players must working harder than before.
    Condation is very important.
    If Arsenal have enough condation,Arsenal can controle the game 90 min. Com on Arsenal we can do the job.

  21. Lily Pollak says

    Chelsea fan here. Robbie is the best fan channel in the premier league.

  22. Zaki Husnain says

    How u gonna good be Ozil a 7
    Personally I’ll give him 9 man of the match

  23. oluwaseyi subair says

    Vision 2020 to 2030

  24. Ryan Shaw says

    It was more we just sat off in the second half being 1-0 up, that’s why the game changed

  25. test cch says

    David Luiz should have got higher than a 7 he was brilliant!

  26. Jordy Pichardo says


  27. Thor Hall says

    when did laca last have a good game? and where was özil in the second half?

  28. czechpirc says

    Love AFTV but Don Rob and co. need to stop making excuses for player errors (still young, out of position etc etc.) If they were poor in the game in than rate it accordingly not based on factors outside of the game.

  29. EJT Jr says

    Torreira better than Kante? What game ware u watching?.

  30. beektormaing says

    m24 in the back lookin extra baby faced

  31. Marcin Palyska says

    The only youngster who is good enough for Arsenal right now is Maitland Niles. His attitude is class as well.

  32. Marcin Palyska says

    Have you noticed that guys with hair like Guendouzi are generally over rated ?

  33. Marcin Palyska says

    David Luiz 7 ?????????

  34. Gezgin Martı says

    Mesut should not have been subbed

  35. hujan Nazi says

    Saka played good he got injured thats why he was struggling to get u guys watch the game or just goals?

  36. Ciao R says

    There is a stupid guy, standing next to Robbie putting his middle finger outside.. I have a great suggestion for him, put it into your arse and stop bullying others…!

  37. Alex says

    This guy surrounded by body guards 🤨😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  38. olayemi idowu says

    Robbie has to be drunk to be honest wtf?!? Kante had more recoveries and interceptions than any player on that pitch

  39. Ur gulp says

    Laytland Lyles is the bestest

  40. I always wondered why Leno does not come out to clear crosses. Now I know..

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