1. Mohammad Arif says

    Modern cannon.

  2. Tammy Wehner says

    they must be loading to the last station revolving mag, for I hear 10 cycles before the first firing…

  3. NKVD Shin - says

    What is the video ship?

  4. 粘承龍 says


  5. Jerome Guillamun says

    r.i.p eardrums

  6. Paul Burns says

    I was a Mk92 FC on FFG-40, Halyburton, back in 1992-93. I loved this 76mm gun. It was fun to shoot, and even better to watch from about 15-20 ft away while another FC was firing it. Still have 5 76mm empty casings from back then. RIP Perry-class frigates.

  7. Hammerschlägen M says

    Around 1:50 in the video there was a pure fool standing there with no hearing protection.

    Edit: He did not wear hearing protection throughout the entire exercise. And he'll undoubtedly want US taxpayers to compensate him for a lifetime of hearing loss.

  8. Dhimas Ardiansyah says

    OTO Melara is Ferari among Naval dual purpose guns

  9. Blue Marshall says

    2:30 Poor R2…….

  10. Jonquerettes says

    Jerry Miculek spirit in a 75 mm cannon

  11. KreigsMarine2 says

    When I was stationed on a frigate the gunner's mates would cycle the round up to the chamber for us, the firecontrolman. And that took way too long after the order of "batteries released " to get the rounds off. FC's and GM'S must be clowns

  12. Andreia Lima says

    Approximately 90% of new warships in the free world are equipped with Italian artillery.

  13. Aaron Kwek says

    1 idiot standing so close without ear muffler…

  14. drian mortiz says

    The U.S built, Oliver Hazzard Perry class Frigates or OHP, is one of the most powerful and most impressive, modern navy combat vessel that has ever made. Most especially her vast array of naval weaponry. Such as the 76mm Oto Melara rapid firing deck gun and the Raytheon 20mm Phalanx CIWS point defense gun.

  15. Baitong love cat naka says

    The US also ordered the Italian artillery to serve in the navy. Even though the United States is known to produce almost everything

  16. Kevin Pippin says

    Perry class Frigate

  17. Aniquilador - says

    I keep thinking imagine putting this firepower in a tank

  18. Daniele Loreti says

    È poi dicono che non siamo buoni a fare niente

  19. Monster Fatalis says


  20. Mr.X says

    The supremacy of Made in Italy.

  21. Nikos Loudaros says


  22. Agostino Rapisarda says

    questo è 76 Compatto si vede chiaramente il momento dello sgancio prima del fuoco.

  23. flodA reltiH says

    Mmm listen to those shells whizz at high velocity

  24. Bill Buehner says

    is that water coming from the barrel before it fires

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