6 Cars IMPOSSIBLE To Find Stock


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These are the 6 cars that are impossible to find stock. They are all ruined by ricers… or just modified cars you cant find stock.

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  2. Joel Ward says

    This is very USA only world. Are you aware of the world wide web?

  3. Wouter van Duren says

    Wrx sti

  4. _ dPark24 _ says

    get a civic.

  5. Adrian Hernandez says

    Forgot to mention the 2g eclipse!

  6. Alexou 2003 says

    2 sec my grand mother own a civic like that and it still snock

  7. Nick gaming 5150 says

    My neighbor has a completely stock 240sx nothing done to it

  8. Alexou 2003 says


  9. Cypher Prodigy says


  10. Young Barry says


  11. alexander ragnarsson says

    I've got an FD3 EU-Spec completly stock in the chassis. Except 99 spec tail-lights and 18" rims. Otherwise it's packing 600hp. Had it since 2008 and my GOD that car has ruined me and made me cry blood ALOT of Times. But daaamn when it works properly. Just saying it aint anything from this world. And i've driven ALOT of supersports cars. Oh i also own sone other JDMs.

  12. Nazariy Lutsyk says


  13. Mortal The Producer says

    You can find them in ny

  14. ssyo boyss says

    Wrx sti blob eye

  15. Eduardo Hernandez says

    You should get a Subaru wrx Sti or a supra !!

  16. Aryaan Malhotra says


  17. Melendeeez Yt says

    240 sx “I know what I have” 8,000$ 😂

  18. Luka Savic says

    You say imposible to find stock and show us the stock car

  19. Dylan Pires says

    13 year olds be like pick the Supra THE SUUUPPPRRRAAA

  20. Chrispy Chicken says

    you should get a 02-06 wrx sti

  21. Nicho Gonzales says

    Civic SI!

  22. Victor Ramirez says

    Wrong!!! The bug eye subie was the first gen available in the US. This channel needs to do some research. I’m new here and I can tell this channel is for teens and 7 year olds.

  23. Marcus Hubbert says

    Bugeye wrx

  24. M4ZDARATI K3NSHIN says

    Really sti civic and neon but no mazdaspeed 3 I’m done with this ideal lifestyle

  25. Playfulpuppy_ 1232 says


  26. Dakota Medley says

    I have a bone stock neon srt4 mopar stage 2 that im building myself

  27. Justin Rivers says

    How about a Pontiac G8-GXP/GT

  28. Jovin Boyal says

    Sti or supra

  29. Calestine Takurparsad says

    I would like to see the subaru sti blobeye

  30. Mj Lugo says


  31. Erin Waltrip says

    Supra plzzz

  32. Ali Ahmed says

    Lies bro I own a Civic Si that's stock AF

  33. Darkkreeture says

    How about any used v6 muscle car

  34. ur krillingodxxx says

    Im lucky then i saw a stock subaru sti for sale not far were i live.

  35. Lord Nutella says

    Mazda rx7

  36. Justin Dennison says

    You forgot the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
    Plus I used to own a EM1 stock and got the EVO stock as well

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