5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy An Automatic Transmission Car


5 Reasons Manual Transmissions Are Better Than Automatics
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Automatic transmissions are an incredible invention, but when compared to a manual transmission, they have many flaws. Manual transmissions use a clutch instead of a torque converter, and this leads to many benefits, and not just from a driver engagement or “fun” standpoint. From mechanical efficiency to unique driving techniques, this video will cover 5 major advantages of manual transmissions which may make you decide to avoid the slush-box on your next car purchase.

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  1. Tom Zorba says

    Automatic transmissions and cruise control don't know what's ahead. They don't know that you are about to climb a hill or crest the top of a hill, etc. Hopefully the person driving a manual does.

  2. Abhishek sagar says

    Automatic is for traffic but highway manual is better .

  3. Im Rosin says

    No soul, no fun, and unless you're drag racing then manuals tend to perform better because they take more skill to master. I've seen manual cars that put out way less power smoke autos simply because you have all the torque control in the manual. Love my manual 330i

  4. Wag Hass says

    There was a car with a manual cvt on jason drives

  5. YTRulesFromNM says

    I wish more people that drive manual would teach others. And I've had dealerships decide they would rather not sell me a car.

    My father had one and took that knowledge to the grave rather than let me drive his car.

  6. GLR says

    I hated the automatics so badly…. because they never behave predictably… except from the one I experienced on a Porsche GT3 something… that one was a joy, a brilliant piece of engineering.

  7. ColinPopoviciu says

    Running a yellow light is the same as running a red light! Boom

  8. William Freeze says

    Manual transmission is just more fun. Even in la traffic it doesn't bother me.

  9. DeadPooL 1718 says

    in America with a wide roads not too much traffic manual transmission is good, but im my country with all the traffic in many street i'd say Automatic Transmission is good not getting tired on your legs…

  10. rune12358 says

    I've driven a Mercedes Class C 300 with a 9 gear automatic for almost a year, and the first thing I did when I got back to my country is to ask the person that went to pick me up at the airport to let me drive on the ~1.5hr way home. I really missed the 6 speed manual on my first-gen, diesel Kia Cee'd SW. I think that should paint the whole picture as to how I stand on the issue, but to drive the point home: Automatic is boring to the point of being dangerous, IMO, even if you get an extra >100hp to play with.

  11. stephane stephane says

    Automatic is for pussies. And you better choose 3th gear or even 4th to do push starting

  12. Pork Fat says

    I would rather have a stick but I spend too much time in traffic jams.

  13. Daslynnter says

    I actually drove a car without a starter for two days because I didn't have the money to buy the starter, using only push starting. Never gonna drive a non manual gas car.

  14. KowalDW says

    I heard that some ppl only have a license to ride an automatic. That's hilarious.

  15. Ontopof Theroof says

    Hand cranks, also soooo much more engaging.

  16. William Toro says

    I Disagree. I love manual Trans…but I must say I hate the things when stuck in traffic.
    It's ok for weekends toys or track days. Besides that ain't not point anymore,as a matter of fact most automatic and DSG's are faster and more efficient. That is why auto outsells Manual by a lot!

  17. LowQualitySenpai says

    Reasons why not to buy manual:
    17k dislikes

    Reasons why to buy manual:
    1k dislikes

  18. lylez00 says

    The C8 Corvette has a dual clutch transmission.

  19. Trevor Bush says

    Yes modern manual are becoming….semi automatic with paddle shift….LMFAO…seriously, guess he has never driven a German Double Clutch box. Why the hell would I want to change gears on a long drive or in traffic, plus I have paddle shift and sports mode with the auto? Only place a manual makes sense these days as we have progressed is sports cars and track cars Each to his own.

  20. Majin Snake says

    For me, automatic transmissions are nicer. Shifting gears manually seems useless for me. I get it that some people have fun with it, but for daily driving I don't want to do this useless stuff. And yes, I know how to drive manual, and my current car and all cars at work have manual.

  21. muffy tandih says

    automatic is for gays and bisexual.
    manual is for men

  22. Patrick Patrick says

    Push to start
    Gear selection

  23. Aiden Bagshaw says

    Manual transmission:

    So here’s the clutch, shifter, and tachometer. You want to get the engine up to however many RPM and release the clutch. Don’t release it too fast or too slow, and you’ll start moving. When the tachometer shows a certain number of RPM, press the clutch, move the shifter, and release the clutch. When you stop, use the clutch and…

    Automatic transmission:

    Press here to go, press here to stop.

  24. None of these are problem in my subaru outback 2020

  25. Patrick Patrick says

    Do you ride bro?

  26. tttc says

    Ok ok, we shouldn't buy manual cars and we shouldn't buy automatic cars. So what kind of car should be buy? Transmissionless?

  27. C Cometcal says

    Newer automated all electronic car – it's in control
    Older manual car – you're in control

  28. David Johnston says

    But my model 3 doesn't come with a manual option.

  29. Ben Lorentz says

    Dude I think there's like one car on one lot out of the 5 closest dealers to me that's manual. Unless you wanna look forever to get outdated technology just get an automatic its 2019 for crying out loud!

  30. Wolf Schindler says

    Your friend can give you a tow with his car. No need for a tow truck!

  31. Artorias says

    Most people cannot change gears perfectly so they will never use max possible fuel efficiency. Automatic is better for them.
    Some manuals can still be started from pushing and most modern manuals have "do not try to push start" in manuals so this is old idea…

  32. k bone says

    I agree , automatics are garbage.

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