What's the FIRST thing Mikel Arteta should change at Arsenal? | The Debate



With strong reports suggesting Mikel Arteta is set to be named the new Arsenal manager, Phil Babb and Curtis Davies debate the FIRST item on Arteta’s agenda if he should take the job. What’s the first change he needs to make at the club to turn their form around?

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  1. Paul The Party Animal Parker says

    Arteta was a decent player for Everton but when he joined arsenal it marked the point where arsenal plunged into mediocrity and just played for top four. He was signed along with mertesacker, Santos and a few other softy players. It's strange that arsenal now look to Arteta to get them out of this. I think he's going to be a similar manager to Roberto Martinez – attractive football but spineless. It's not what arsenal need.

  2. AFC says

    First thing arteta must do ,,

    Sign Robbie and force him to shut down AFTV
    Sign TD As Ballbringer
    Sign that "fam" guy as English Teacher "you understand" bro

  3. Tombari Zorgbini says

    He has never coached how do you call him a good head coach ..tf

  4. Tom Sawyer says

    the negative attitude of Ozil last for at least two years, this attitude contaminates his team players, the main issue of the team has always been in the defensive reconversion, pressing as soon as they loose the ball, Ozil always fakes pressing and defending, which will always contribute to an ineffective defence reconversion – He is not a fighter, not worth to carry the dress of Arsenals cannon.

  5. Manuel Frederico says

    The first thing is just to see what we all see…FIX THE BACKLINE

  6. Where’s my penis? says

    Cancel Saliba’s loan and sell Mustafi

  7. Arsene Who? says

    Gooner here……
    Our defence is in dire need of beefing up and we STILL haven't replaced Patrick Viera, we have never found anyone like him even though there's been shed loads of brutal, hard tackling midfielders on the market since he left but we always seem to avoid buying someone like that….WHY WHY WHY???

  8. they need some good defensive like those that I told you guies see his video against ronaldo in serie A

  9. they have to go to Spain or to Italy take some good defensive players like Bastos Quissanga from Lazio , Umtiti barça , and some young and good defensive from Barça ….

  10. Jason Razzell says

    just seen someone beat me to that.

  11. Jamil Fares says

    The whole squad

  12. marshall kwaramba says

    What's the difference with this and AFTV ??

  13. dklyde says

    Real Madrid has offered Jovic and a significant amount of cash for Aubameyang. His first move should be to accept that.

  14. Konata Joseph says

    U don't see the top teams carry anyone? He deserves not to be running around but what defensive work does Messi ever do????

  15. MINTY VLOGS says

    Lol…. Did this bafoon just say Goonboozi was pretty on the ball… Perhaps he has been dreaming Arsenal games. I've never seen Goonboozi and noticed anything apart from his low quality, erratic and poor position play. He wouldn't get into the Liverpool youth team.

  16. thian huat tan says

    If Arteta is manager, he must double quick sack the board, if he is only a coach, better to keep quiet and coach the donkey to the best of his ability and bring them down to Championship league.

  17. Hadri Hanafi says

    arsenal fan should give mikel arteta time to make arsenal great again.. from liverpool fan


    Derby ain’t Chelsea mate and the prem ain’t the championship and franks doing it with no money New blooded managers are needed now the old lot have past their best and would only come for the big payday

  19. James Li says

    First thing is to stop playing out from the back, it's comedy and suicide at the same time. He can't change too much too soon or he'll be falling into the same trap as Souness did at Liverpool. Not sure what 'changing the energy' means other than threatening these fancy-dans with murder if they don't try.

  20. MA JAY says

    Get rid of ozil, then get a solid centre mid who will grab a game by the balls and and show the rest of the team how it's done,

  21. MA JAY says

    The first thing he should do is…….
    RESIGN… 😁

  22. merzuk hasen says

    to bring new environment and energy in arsenal club ,at least take luiz and xhaka out of the pich .nothing nothong they add for arsenal

  23. Muktar Monkey says

    If he lost his first game Wich mean is this Sunday then we will star to call arteta out out out out out out

  24. Zaki Awil says

    Let's stand together all of us

  25. Modern Soccer says

    Poor Arteta, bad time to takeover. I just hope fans will not criticize him and raise their expectations. we know the current crop of players is deadwood and he cant do much about it. he will need the summer to bring in his own players that will fit his style, the Pep/Arteta hybrid style

  26. _ _ says

    I wish they hadn't shat it first time around post Wenger, we've been going nowhere for years and desperately need to relay the foundations.

    Surround him with experts, back him to the hilt, sell dead weight, sign players on a combination of the moneyball approach, thorough scouting and ffs buy guys who'll play for the badge and have a bit of backbone; sick of the apathetic pansies that give up everytime it gets tough.

  27. Ayuba Mohammed says

    Arsenal's problem is mainly the defense and defensive midfielder of Vieira or Gilberto type.

  28. Joseph Follet says

    Arteta should hit the field, let see If he can deliver, I don't like overrated issues, it's a test drive so let's hope he can deliver to take arsenal to the top flight.

  29. Lala Seng says

    Arsenal need a good captain , to motivate whole team spirit
    Arteta should find it quickly,

  30. A Team says

    Arteta should get rid at least half of the team

  31. Jake Kwan says

    Phil Babb if you think the first thing that arteta should change is ozil you have some problems as a pundit.

  32. DEE DUBZ says

    Drop Ozil out the 11, and get rid of him Xhaka, Mustafi and Kolasinac in January.

  33. Karlito Bergkamp says

    If he wants to succeed he’ll have to break up Aubameyang and Lacazettes clique, sell them and start a fresh with the likes of martinelli up top. Bin off xhaka and the whole defence as well.

  34. DanMorzeTheInspecta says

    Basically Arteta to become Arsenal Manager and next year Pep will come to Arsenal to be Arteta’s number 2.

  35. Kennedy ben says

    Mustafi should be the first one out "shipped to Disneyworld" asap

  36. Seyar Esmati says

    Yes arteta go gain some exp at arsenal and come back to city 2 years later

  37. ukfrogman82 says

    I'm an arsenal fan an love the club an care I can't believe it This is ridiculous even professional footballer s an an analysts can't c the problem at arsenal it's simple its the board an owner's inability to care about the club if they did we would have a a Luis Enrique or an allegri arsenal have money but it doesn't go on what it should do it goe s straight into kroenkes pocket the owner an the board are the problem yes there area few players that need to leave asap in central defence and in midfield arsenal ain't gonna build squat with arteta or Freddie they are inexperienced an out of there depth

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