1. Ann Elizza Sandberg says

    , brilliant beautiful. Covers everything.

  2. leisel barclay says

    my dog had cancer the lyrics if i just lay here our eyes met i felt as tho he was asking me it caused me to question myself this breaks me up every time he was a cross schnauzer he had lots of character looked like a teddy bear he's been gone since 2007 i cannot have another dog i have a cat that has chosen me now funny she has character as well

  3. Debby2690 says

    Greys anatomy. One of the most important songs on the show ever. Getting goosebumps thinking of those scenes. Bye Danny.

  4. francine claire blaanca says

    So fcking painful 😔

  5. Xulphr says

    I just got this recommended to me after not hearing this song for seven years. I'm so happy to hear it again

  6. t t says

    Grey's anatomy brought me there 2020

  7. Kellen Hall says

    bro this song is so good it’s definitely held up so well song of the 2000s so far for me

  8. Lacey says

    Ten years ago, I was 3. But I remember this song and the memories of playing this song so well. Time sure does fly😂

  9. uk spartan 2 says

    😔 i used to love this song its the first time I've been able to listen to this in 3 years this was first dance song at my wedding. Now im going though a divorce it still hurts to listen to this 😔

  10. Zahrah Hakim says

    I found this song from Grey's Anatomy

  11. satan says

    Songs like that make me so sad because time just passes by so fast and we’re not even noticing 😪

  12. Kevin Stubbersfield says

    Still love this song 🥰

  13. Anya Anderson says

    This song really hits diffrent when your driving home in the dark and hear it on the radio.

  14. thechickendaddy ig says

    Haven’t dated for 4 years thinks this song is depressing but its not cause idc if im lonely

  15. elegante galan says

    And this song is dedicated to .. the internet…

  16. Cambridgelass Earth says

    6 Jan 2020 and I’m still here. One of my all time favourites 😳

  17. Seth hackster says

    However, as I grew older the song’s meaning changed from sadness to embracing love.

  18. Ahmet Erdoğan says

    her seyi yapabiliriz, hem de tek basimiza. dunya'nin iki ucunu birlestirebiliriz. kocaman bir gelecek kurabiliriz, ki kocamanina da gerek yok. hicbir seye, hic kimseye ihtiyacimiz yok.

    yeter ki sen yanimda ol. ben saatlerce bos bos gokyuzune bakarken, amacsizca burada yatarken, sen yanimda ol. yeter ki sen ol. dunya doner, hayat gecer. her sey olur, yapilir, duzelir, gecer, gider.

    yeter ki sen yanimda ol.

    oyle bir sarki.

    02.11.2009 – elma suyum bitmis

  19. Nick Havenstein says

    This Song is Very good

  20. Bize Braue says

    Always a pleasure listening to this song.

  21. Ad Greenwood says

    Take em out the hood keep em looking good but I don’t fuckin them – Jay Z
    There’s also a couple of more and the rest of the body of a large consensus of the mainstream of the arts that also have directly relatable stuff

  22. Ad Greenwood says

    🧛🏻 a thousand years passes quicker then one assumes

  23. Yovansyach Pradipta says

    2020 and still hear this song, anyone?

  24. Sohail .A says

    We don't get songs like this anymore I wish we really did this song brings back so much memories 😭😭

  25. Faith Souter says

    Here in 2020 still listening!!! This song gives you major feelz

  26. Zachary Bernard Carlton says

    Forgiveness is its own miracle. We can heal each other maybe.

  27. Ranse Truman says

    meli te amo

  28. MALRON says

    When I started watching this video, my heart started to beat. Then I realized it was reminding me of my first love. It was a guy I fell deeply in love when I was a teenage girl. We had a huge connection but it remained platonic. I heard this song when he was once in the bus with me, I could feel him being there just behind me.

  29. LES Yankee61 says

    and i don't care who's here or what year it is.

  30. LES Yankee61 says

    is this how planking got started…? 😉

  31. Cooper Shelley says

    Who’s here in the middle of the night going thru memories? #2020

  32. Rogelio Caladiao says

    January 5, 2020

    I'm still listening to this, it won't get old to me.

  33. traxn. says

    2020 anyone?

  34. robert ward says

    I am in remission,cancer…..I needed to feel, everything….

  35. G0ATFAC3 says

    The look on this guy's face makes it seem like he's in the middle of sneezing but he's also got a really good joke prepared

  36. Lorrane Vitoria says

    Algum brasileiro ai ?? 😉

  37. Kristen Peeples says

    Hm human music!

  38. Leon Wns says

    You'll never read this comment but.. i will always love you. T ♡

  39. Corrado Pinochi says

    Omg I'm itali but I love grey's anatomy

  40. Damey Segveldje says

    This was the song my uncle wanted at his funeral. Now when I listen to this song I'll think about him. He was just 55 and died because of cancer. I hope to see you in the afterlife❤

  41. Colleen Hunter says

    Bruh he's pretty cute

  42. Zachariah HANNA says


  43. Kelin Gonzalez says

    2020 anyone?

  44. Peter Monaghan says

    Remember this song when it came out listen to the song in a a local park at the time happy days

  45. Irene Martinez says

    It's 2020 yet this song never gets old 💞 and also let's accept that this is one of the heartbreaking song ever written

  46. Rinze Tjoelker says

    Who is here in Januari 2020?

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