Scientists Reveal How Dreams Can Kill You In Real Life


We’ve all had nightmares from time to time, you wake up and your heart is racing, but you’re alive. But what if you die in your dreams? Do you wake up? In today’s video going to look at if you die in your dreams could it actually kill you in real life? Science may have an answer to help put our minds at ease, or make our worst fears into living nightmares.

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  1. kevin estrada says

    I had a dream where someone poisoned me and caused my lungs to collapse. In the dream I felt myself struggling to breath and out of no where I forced myself awake gasping for air.

  2. Lt Lit Leo says

    Dang that’s scary!

  3. Your Daddy. says

    I fell out of bed and survived, just one of my list of ndes I’ve had so far

  4. Noah Hess says

    How could you drive while asleep? Sleep driving? That seems impossible

  5. Lumia says

    off topic: does anyone ever feel like everything in your room is really far away from them when your lying in bed or something

  6. Planes Are great says

    Oh no, I have fallen out of bed before.

  7. Stxrry.Vlogs says

    billie eilish reference. nicee

  8. DoYouKnowBro says

    watching this before bed is a little unsettling

  9. Will Mcdade says

    yeah my gf violating me in her sleep no complaint, I was like haha baby go for it

  10. Braden Long says

    I die most of the time in my nightmares. Sometimes I act in my bed and wake up looking like I died. What would this be

  11. apzie101yt says

    I have a great imagination I can dream about whatever I want I can do whatever I want in my head


    I don’t have dreams while sleeping and if I do they are rare

  13. XtremeGummy says

    I had a dream where a serial killer stabbed a knife inside my head

  14. Kelly Martinez says

    Me: Trying to fall asleep watching
    info graphic .
    Also me : guess I won’t be sleeping anytime

  15. Pirate Modz says

    Have a nice sleep 🙂

  16. {StrangePlans} says

    Hm. I have nightmares..about butterflies(plz don’t laugh at me ;—;). My mom found me on the floor one morning and she told me that I was crying and punching someone or something…..

  17. Daniel lop2545 says

    This happened ones to me

  18. Diego Kiwi says


  19. To be honest, listening to this while trying to sleep with lights closed is actually quite scary.

  20. claire prins says

    you can not die in dreams right?

  21. Bryce Master B says

    I sleep with a small garbage can in my room and every time my cousins come over to my house the cousin that is my age sleeps in my room but the problem is he sleep walks so when I woke up I saw that his foot was bleeding and it turned out that in the middle of the night when he was sleep walking he stepped on the edge of my garbage can but he’s fine now btw sorry for the long story

  22. Jimmy F. says

    the billie eilish reference though

  23. Nipple Johnston says

    I still have vivid nightmares from PTSD and after a bad night with sleep paralysis at 3am, I passed back out in the morning. I woke up at 1:30pm unloading my 1911 into my car after I got the gun and ammo from different rooms and walked out my front door. I don't remember, nor do I know why any of it happened, except the car had broke a new part each of the previous 4 days. I now don't keep full mags or go to bed fantasizing blowing up anything useful, only the random in-laws.

  24. Alien Choppa says

    So we're talking about dying by sleepwalking and not dying by dreaming huh? Okay I'm safe

  25. Alien Choppa says

    Luckily, I sleep, have a nightmare, wake up a few mins later, realize it's just a nightmare, then go back to sleep and teach those ghosts a lesson 😂😂😂

    always thought I can't die in dreams

  26. Hash Muhammadi says

    I’m close to sleeping

  27. XxD3mÕŃ Çh4ÑxX says

    My sister started sleep walking(it was only like 10 so my mom was still awake)and she started running through the hall screaming about her”girlfriend”she still tries to tell me she’s straight😂

  28. Jinxy says

    I suffer sleep paralysis that's feels like gonna die each time
    I also have bad nightmares.. one is someone murders me while I'm laying bed .. its horrendous

  29. CrisMind says

    Wow, so glad I only turn on/off lights and move things close to the bed when I sleep walk. Yikes

  30. Jamie .S says

    Literally didn’t hear any info over the epic soundtrack!!

  31. Captain Kenji says

    I guess I'll thank all those people who killed my hopes and dreams. One of em might of killed me!

  32. Bob Make says

    anakin skywalker has entered the chat

  33. leo thompson says

    my best mate said that i sleeped walked through the halls

  34. Lijuan You says

    I dreamed of me in a zombie apocalypse, and me running for my life!

  35. Sun Ray says

    I'm just going to throw it out there: Billie Eillish was the first thing and only thing that appeared in my head when I read the caption of the person saying 'When we all fall asleep, where do we go?'
    I feel positive that this was done on purpose, but it got me thinking of this question:
    Did Billie Eillish have sleep problems and were those dreams inspired her to write partials of her songs?

    It might sound narrow-minded of me to ask that, but if that's the case then I can understand and sympathize for Billie.

    To answer the Infographic Show question, I don't normally have nightmares. I do tend to speak incoherently in my sleep around 3 A.M. in the morning. This is all reported to my sister who I share a room with. Thankfully this does not happen often.

  36. Sven0620 says

    Me: wow that was a Nice dream

    10 second later

    Brain: what dream?

  37. Motley Stew says

    Before you watch this.. Have you ever heard of people dying in their sleep?

  38. Caleb Frank says

    I once woke up when somebody walked into my room and was stuck in my REM paralysis, unable to even open my eyes. Nobody's half-conscious mind needs that level of panic.

  39. SouthernWarrior4 says

    I use to sleepwalk I broke this. I felt something strange happening when I was dreaming and decided to try to feel what was happening in my dreams and felt swaying it would have been easy to miss but I really wanted to find out what it was with me being 6 at the time I had no clue but I figured out I thought was swaying was my arms swinging back and forth as I was moving through my house believe it or not I woke myself up and when I woke up I was standing in my kitchen with a glass of chocolate milk then I went back to sleep and it all just kind of stopped after that but I asked my mom and she said that wasnt the first time I had done that I use to sleep walk and talk I walked into her room and asked for a pillow she was trying to hand one to me but I walked away another one was when my mom walked into the room I said "mom" she was mad because she thought I was still awake and said "what" then I said "dont go in there" she said "go in where?" "Dont go in there" I repeated a couple more times then just stopped I dont sleep walk or talk anymore though and after seeing this video I'm happy I don't

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