1. Paul Rama says

    You do not understand anything. Gouardio, he sends you the msg, "without me the City will die" because the players for him considered mercenaries and their interventions to the task. He needs at least 4 manpower and at each meeting he designates one for the meeting. The day he leaves the club, he leaves him a club on all four legs.
    The question asked to make him understand what happens under his baldness, assuming that Messi, Renaldo, Neymar … Maradona, Pelé …. are part of the workforce, he will do the same? Messi and Renaldo will never have the ballon gold ball. The typical team for him is him and him alone. The good result is him and fat to his system. He prefers that the goal is marked by one last touch of ball and not following an individual effort to not say fat to the player. The goals, which he prefers, that everyone gets involved and one last touch to the nets even with the cule.

  2. El Guaracho Del Norte SSM says

    Manchester City is doing very badly in the Premier League

  3. Rs A says

    تبغون حل يادارة مان سيتي للفوز
    اول بيب يلغي فكرة خطة اثنين محاور دفاعية ويترك الخوف والفلسفه الكثيرة
    ثانيا جيبو مدافع ستار يمسك الدفاع مزبوط يعوض مكان كمباني
    ثالثا يرجع برناندو سيلفا يمسك وسط مع دي بروين لانه الموسم الي راح كان يلعب وسط في فترة اصابة دي بروين وكان نجم في الوسط فاتخيل عندك وسط رودي دي بروين وبرناندو وسط حريقة
    رابع مع السلامة ديفيد سيلفا مشكور على العشرة سنين الي قدمتها والكاي يشوفله نادي ثاني يلعب فيه لانه عندي برناندو دي بروين وفير ورودي وفودين كذا كفاية
    ولاتنسون برافو وجيسوس برضه مع السلامة برضه ابغى مهاجم هداف مو حق تسلالات
    وحارسنا الي راح اعاره يرجع بدال برافو
    وخامسا يلعب اساسي جناح رياض محرز وكذا يكون في فريق الاحلام
    غير هذا الوضع للاسف النادي ضايع

  4. Taitea Kopyte says

    Great performance by Man city…just like Pep said, he should be very proud amidst an injury prone team. As a LFC fan, I'm happy we've won, but i also feel it how frustrating it is to lost to your bitter rivals..as a neutral, it wasn't that just…lots of controversies and scandals. But i prefer city at their 100% the next time we meet. There's no contest if the rival teams aren't that strong enough.

    Give us a real challenge, Man City. 👍👍👍

    #Respect YNWA❤️♥️❤️

  5. Electric Playa says

    Kloppo for President !!

  6. Suryadi Yadi says

    Hahahaha #YNWA

  7. sayamahobagiroma says

    Raid mahrez the best pep talk so much 3 1 liverpool talk in game and you talk after hhhhhh

  8. Nevgha Tilleli says

    mahrez ??????? WHY ??????

  9. jamal rez says

    You 've had a good team , in the beginning of season DEBRUN/MAHREZ CHEMISTRY. you stopped it , saying you are rotating, therefore you lost 11 points and the league and more to come, so stop being stubborn , everything is your fault , don't praise yourself, you put yourself and the team in a very bad situation.
    you deserve the name FRAUDIOLA.

  10. Farouq SED says

    Mahrez out

  11. Iny eye says

    We are still the citizens 💙💙🙌🙌

  12. Aissa Daoud says

    Leave Mehrez from Manchester City. You are wronged

  13. Aissa Daoud says

    Leave Mehrez from Manchester City

  14. kolea DZ says

    Guardiola this season is out .
    Maybe he is thinking about the independence of his country from Spain !!!!???

  15. Bens. mohamed says

    Vive algeri and vive riade mahrez

  16. Nanker Phelge says

    Pep is an embarrassment, so unprofessional on the side line Sunday. Smh.

  17. Tasha Salah says

    I admit that man city is a really good team. But Liverpool is better and that was proved in the previous game.
    Pep is an awesome coach with his tactics he is mind blowing but you gotta admit, the current LFC squad is awesome.

  18. Roy relnady says

    You loser

  19. Nanker Phelge says

    Pep should be fired!

  20. Sibongiseni Wentzel Sondzaba says

    The VAR officials are disappointing by not knowing what to do!! Or ma be they are bais… It was not the first time doing this to Man city…

  21. Damian Boulnoir says

    Best match of city this year. With de breyen + mahrez

  22. Irsya Omar says

    anda tamu di anfield..
    wajib kalah bagi yang bertamu ke anfield..

    mo ngoceh apapun kemampuan anda dibawa IQ juergen klopp..

  23. Tate mctate says

    For all you plastic mancs who are blind and say sterling wasn't diving

  24. Lilo Wasim says

    We Algerians support Riad Mehrez until the end of his football

  25. Norine Benyekhou says


  26. Norine Benyekhou says


  27. dorbadj dorbadj says

    Mahraz you have to leave this team

  28. O SL says

    Liverpool needed help from Mike Oliver and VAR to defeat us. So let's be proud, we won the league twice without the help of anything but us.

  29. 9 NAGA UTAMA SAKTI says

    Mancity forever. ………best club in the whole world

  30. dark man says

    Riad Mehrez Pounced yourself left Manchester City and left the fool Guardiola

  31. auresi mourad says


  32. Karim Abay says

    Cant hear the questions..

  33. Declan Moore says

    Liverpool is the best and you did try

  34. Boudjemai Mohammed Ibrahim says

    let mahrez play !why pep

  35. Death Cheaters Guild says

    What is the purpose of all this incredible possession if you don’t shoot ☄️ the ball? If you don’t shoot the ball you can’t score. If you don’t score you can’t win. Simple math. Also, props to the home fans they were up for the game and were the 12 man. CITY fans need to step it up ⬆️!

  36. Death Cheaters Guild says

    What’s going on with this handball ⚽️👋🏻 rule? In every league and every separate match there seems to be completely different rules applied. ZERO consistency! WTF

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