OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Review – REAL 5G?!


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The quest for a phone that has everything you’ll want keeps getting interesting. Earlier this year we talked about the Google Pixel 3a and how that device gave you everything you needed, and then we crowned the OnePlus 7 Pro as the phone that turned the needs to wants, as you were getting a ton of bang for your buck.

Then came the OnePlus 7T, a device that was nearly as good as the Pro, but that shaved the price, killed some curves, and focused on nailing a sweet spot of essentials that even competitors had a hard time matching for the value.

For a bit, I did call on that as my favorite OnePlus, but it turns out that it isn’t the best one, or should I say, it isn’t the most future proof of the bunch.

Meet the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, clearly a mouth-full of a name, but with a relevance that’s almost as imposing. See, the promise of 5G has been quite the topic for 2019, and yet if you want to jump on board now, this limited edition smartphone is one of the most powerful, and least expensive ways to get there. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is our full review sponsored by Surfshark.


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  1. gaster says

    Watching from my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition – EU. Thanks for sharing the video. I agree that 5G needs still time until it will reach the anticipated performance by the carriers.

  2. sdacreationist says

    A 5g phone will become useful when it can be used with any of the frequencies. I'll get one when I can unlock it and get 5g from any of the networks as it the current situation with LTE

  3. Evren K says

    "Hello I'm Jaime RRRRRRRRRRRRivera"

  4. Lucia Krause says

    I've just ordered. I get dismal service with T-Mobile here and there is 5G available. I'll update this comment when I get the phone.

  5. Andy Kong says

    1:06 – You said this was a limited edition yet no where on OnePlus's website does it say it is "limited"… Where did you get this info and how many will be available?

  6. Steve Ellsworth says

    I do agree with many of your comments. There are a few that I do not. I received the phone on day one. First off, the battery. The battery is not a long lasting one. If you are even a moderate user, the battery will go fast. For one to even attempt to make the battery last, one needs to be put on the battery saver, constantly. Another area is to lower the mhz of the screen to 60 instead of the defaulted 90. Also, you can turn down the screen. Another area, that Jaime is wrong on, is the battery heat. Just yesterday, I was playing a game with the screen up to medium brightness. It caused the phone to alert me that its battery was overheating and to take action. The Warp 30 charger is amazing. I went to dinner the other evening and needed to charge my phone. I was around 35%. I charge it around 30 minutes and I was in the 70%+ range.

    Jaime needs to venture over to the OnePlus forums and read up on issues. If he did so, he could have run the phone through its paces and attempted to reproduce the issues.

    Even though the phone has its challenges, it is amazing. I love having the 5G. I grant you that it is the low band. Anyone who knows anything will tell you that low band and medium band are the way to go. The high band is super fast, but it cannot penetrate buildings.

  7. Brody Gilstrap says

    Good review but I can't handle the pronunciation of McLaren.

  8. still34u says

    you know netflix doesn't work with VPN, right?

  9. sabzali03028394005 khan says

    Sir price in pakistan

  10. Adit iek says

    My idol 👍

  11. Macht Schnell says

    The thing that bothers me about this phone is that it will be functionally superseded by One+ (and others) in less than 6 months for projected less money.

    The other thing that dooms this phone is the separate Modem. This probably is a 10% power penalty for not being on chip and there is no MM waveband spectrum. I like it and hate the hole punches One+ is moving to, but at $900, it is at least $200 too rich.

  12. Waimea Guyz says

    not sure if you can, but maybe you can turn off 5g. 4g is quite fast.

  13. Mister B's says

    No 5G Hotspot available, Only in LTE!

  14. Anil Pingua says

    Nice mobile

  15. Akshay Jain says

    This phone is the only one who has gone all out in terms of tech

  16. John C says

    He says full review but it's a little bit less then that. I've been using it w/ 5G off and the battery life is leaps and bounds better. Oh well, the LTE is fast enough…haha.

  17. jason sievers says

    This phone has documented issues, Gps does not work when 5g is enabled just Google it, or ask me

  18. MVP says

    I just dropped idea of buying a phone, there are 365 days in a year and I think phones are being launched at a much higher quantity and I am sick of watching new adds of phones. No mobile looks like i want one nowadays

  19. Joel Casas says

    The Maclovio phone!

  20. Brian Eaver says

    I think your the only one on the planet that can make it a full day plus on the McLaren's battery without a top off to do so.. I had it for 10 days and yes if I lightly used it I could make it 14 hours with 3 hours of SOT

  21. Aaren C says

    Tmobile 5g couldn't hold GPS and the 5g speed just a joke…don't get the phone and u will regret for the price u paid for a junk. Nope the issue haven't been fix and tmobile make u turn off 5g as it fixed!

  22. VMiXEZ says

    They have me at McLaren

  23. Karl Johan Lea says

    I'm with T-Mobile. I will wait until next year's phones come out before I "jump" to a new phone. I have an LG G8 now.

  24. abdulkader jemal says

    This phone is beast 💪

  25. Sajjad Belayet says

    @pocketnow what song is this?

  26. Tish Bouvier says

    Awesome review. I go back and forth between my iPhone 11ProMax and the McLaren 5gG— I’m Houston so the 5G is a hit and miss depending on which area I’m in. But it doesn’t matter the phone is amazing and I can easily use it as my daily driver.

  27. Junayd A.A says

    If you wanna go 5g, I think the cheapest and best way to go is the Redmi k30…

  28. Mali Dan says

    Pocket Now has become OnePlus Now, they are easily the most featured OEM on the channel.

    Sales must be bad.

  29. Rodvin Lumuntad says

    4g instead… it will kill your battery to fast… if u use 5g.. for 4k miliampers

  30. drdst27 says

    I say wait until the 8T pro Mclaren comes out in a year. 5G will be much better and this phone upgrade will be worth the price.

  31. Dan Bls says

    5G gonna kill us all

  32. Frank says

    Who else is here just to hear him say his name with gusto?

  33. Abdullah Khan says

    When you go from north to south America in an impulse.

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