NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY


This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday.

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My buddy Howard does this for a living:

Links to the stuff I used (not sponsored):

Sound board:



PA Speaker:

12V to 5V:

Train Horn (not my exact version but this will work well):

Less expensive version:

Courtesy Honk WAV file:

R2D2 WAV file:

0:27- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
2:18- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
3:20- Dance- Danijel Zambo-
4:38- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
5:33- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I customized my car horn to play three different sounds. The main sound is the “Courtesy Honk” which is used to get the attention of other drivers in a non-emergency scenario. It’s two quick chirps of the horn that is not only friendly sounding, but it’s not as loud as a normal car horn.



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:






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  1. noHweI/NoWay says

    I grew up in Orange County too, and when I got my first Rabbit, I looked for a locomotive horn for my car. And Sears catalog had one, but it required a second battery, so i skipped it.

  2. random memer says

    Damn I read it as incest car horn wtf

  3. Blake George says

    So this is what the blank buttons are for on my Jetta. Noted…

  4. Torpexo Speed says

    0:37 and the casual finger

  5. Hugh Caires says

    Far out. I can dig the horn. 😀 🙂

  6. BigMacGyver says

    the Canadian horn

  7. LuckydevIL90 says

    Just use your lights no sound a lot friendlier but won’t work all the time

  8. Vintriloquism says

    He’s just smiling behind the window thats why the pedestrian reacted nicely

  9. Neph Drummond says

    My mom very nearly died as a semi-trailer truck started changing lanes directly into her while she was beside a concrete barrier wall. She was laying on the horn constantly, but he didn’t stop moving until nearly every car in the area was doing it and he realized what was wrong. If he’d gone just a little faster, she would have been obliterated, and maybe that train honk would have made him react a little faster. Communication is important when we’re driving tons of steel, whizzing about at deadly speeds, and I really like the idea of “DO NOT” honk and also “hey, sorry” honk

  10. A very nice device. As you said it is a better vocabulary for the car. The first part of 2 small sounds is the best. I am driving the car for last 25 years and I do use horn to get ‘Two quick beep kind of sound’ manually for the same intention of keeping others not offended. I have practiced it over years. Now it’s auto in my hands.
    Thanks for inventing this. I hope to adopt this in my car and keep my palm/fingers relaxed. Great job.

  11. Adam Jo says

    Ship this to india and teach them about how to use a horn nicely

  12. Mrkool 300 says

    Yeaaaah boyyyyy

  13. Martin Castro says

    So your car is one of a kind?

  14. Briana Hausler says


  15. Beansies Life says

    Just make the horns say stuff like thank you

  16. MartySnail says


  17. John Mcconnell says

    My red button horn would have a guy screaming in German just to make the point across

  18. StragglyAphid says

    For the lighted button, where did you hook up the ground terminal on the button to? Does that go to the ground on the board? Just a little confused

  19. Fatpumpkin78 says

    Coolest. Thing. Ever!

  20. Microbial Luke says

    Dude it is kinda sad how many times I’ve watched this. I saw it the day it came out and have watched it so many times since. One of these days I’m actually going to do this like I keep telling myself. I’m taking my driver’a test in 3 days and hopefully I can do it to our family’s run down car.

  21. Thomas Ha says

    he said something about cigarette lighter?

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