1. Udaco says

    Right now I just feel regret for taking in Pepe and letting Iwobi go. Iwobi could easily tear those defenders apart although he was not good enough with his end product. At least he could be a good assist.

  2. Udaco says

    But we still not good enough dealing with the crosses. Quite a few crosses passed through the defenders and we were lucky none of them been taken by the opponent.

  3. Aquatic Almighty says


  4. Snuggles says

    Martinelli needs to start more, he's making pepe look like a donkey out there.

  5. chewe chisembele says

    wonderful performance from the young gunns yet again…so proud of the lads!!COYG!!

  6. John Mwangi says

    What a performance

  7. Jela Boothe says

    OK.,so £72mill (+1pen)
    ÷ by £6mill (+4goals) =12more reasons why MARTY, deserves to START in the 1st team ova PEPE. He's tearing up the grass.

  8. Jack Stone says

    The gold keeper is top top he is ready for the first dtart

  9. dyah isma says

    wonderkid gabriel martinelli 👍👍

  10. Kumar Sharma says

    Bellerin chambers holding tierney
    torreira guendouzi
    Laca PEA Martinelli

    Bench: Willock, Reiss nelson, Pepe, Mustafi (has earned respect), Martinez, Luiz, Saka

    Man this formation will kill teams…

  11. ju nai says

    giroud would be top goal scored with tierney crossing. mustafi look solid on uel and carabao cup..

  12. Rizal Hidayatulloh says


  13. Muhammad Abid says

    Our UEL team would have smashed Man Utd's goal until they were bored

  14. Les Pearson says

    LOLOLOL Martinez is a Solid number Two…..Toilet humour at its best

  15. Addi Law says

    Xhaka and Emery are lovers I saw them trying to hug it out when Martinelli scored

  16. Seconds _To_Nos says

    Gabi should play in the premier league

  17. Seconds _To_Nos says

    Gabi should play in the premier league

  18. Seconds _To_Nos says

    Gabi should play in the premier league

  19. Thierry Henry says

    Bellerin, Tierney, and Ceballos make a big difference going forward

  20. Shanemandem says

    3 times Mustafi play, 3 times cleansheet… Im just saying… 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Antonio says

    Martinelli is a top top player!

  22. Brett Gould Music says

    Martineli is pushing Pepe for a place. Willock is pushing Xhaka for his place on stats with pace, goals, runs, tackles and complete passes.

  23. Jo says


  24. moise kean says

    Iam from french my favorite club is arsenal

  25. Fingering Things says

    Great job Gunners!❤️❤️❤️

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