1. Rock girl says


  2. Michelle'sChannelYT says

    BVB the best German football team

  3. kurdish gamer says

    Julian brandt

  4. Noair Needed says

    Trotzdem mal wieder kein deutscher Meister 😀

  5. RaZe_ BMN says

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  6. Berown Yannick says

    The must : Every one will be like you
    Manchester city/pep : The must
    Dortmund : Every one

  7. Futbool vício Ec says

    se inscrevam no canal ai

  8. Amenazickzack Lauch says

    Liverpool was better

  9. Albany Northumberland says

    how annoying is this commentator? get a better commentator

  10. Anonymous says


  11. Улан Стыбаев says

    Даже вторым составом ливерпуль силен✊столько моментов было

  12. ɴɪɴᴏ says

    Holy shit your editing skills are worse. Pain to watch.

  13. Jesús Octavio Pulido Lopez says

    Vamos Dortmund con todo

  14. Axis De Arthur says

    That 3:02

  15. Rundflugzeug Rundfunk says


  16. Nanker Phelge says

    The editing and choice of clips was complete crap. Come on man. You can't do any better? Was this your first time or are u a little kid ??

  17. อ่อยให้เฉยๆหรอกน้ะจ้ะดอทมุน😄

  18. N30N B74CK says



  19. Stifflers Mom says


  20. Brian MCKIM says


  21. Fahd2 Alyas says


  22. Die Silhouette says

    lmao crying LFC fans desperately searching for excuses hahaha

  23. paul Santana tzee says

    The man from fc Barcelona it's doing well in Dortmund now appreciate Pablo alcacer

  24. Packet Dienst Worms says

    ❤😊bvb 🙏💪

  25. No Name says

    I like both BVB and Liverpool

  26. Greig Stott says

    The likes of Kent and Wilson are really good young players who need game time, great back up for a strong squad that also needs to have a British influence in my opinion. Both are talented enough to be playing but will they be happy coming off the bench or playing the odd game now and then starting?

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