Liverpool 1-1 Man City (4-5 on pens) | Jesus & Bravo Shine in Shoot Out | FA Community Shield


Watch the extended highlights as Manchester City and Liverpool competed in a tightly contested FA Community Shield. Goals from Raheem Sterling and Joel Matip saw the game decided on penalties.

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  1. Callum Sherratt says

    I find it funny how they play a Beatles song at the end when city win and the Beatles are from Liverpool 😂😂

  2. Monali Gupta says

    Who see Mikel Arteta at 8:05

  3. Top One says

    There are many chances for liverpool but maybe they are unlucky

  4. Kevin Love says

    0:49 & 6:51 Had salah converted those easy chances, Liverpool would had won by 3-2 taking into account the chance squandered by sterling as well..

  5. Kevin Love says

    2:30 Liverpool sent the ball away as a city player was down and hurt.
    5:06 City carried on with the game despite a Liverpool player was down and hurt..
    This is the difference between Liverpool and City..Liverpool play fair to win the game but City doesn't or should i say walker with Tottenham blood in him doesn't know the meaning of fair play and true sportsmanship..And we all know that spurs has the worst record in fair plays..

  6. Kevin Love says

    3:10 Look at David Silva..😁

  7. online marketing says

    Chuyên phân phối cúp pha lê:

  8. James Cool says

    Klopp made liverpool players watch as city players lift the shield.

  9. Brawl Razorplayz says

    Who is here when City lost 3-2 to Wolves

  10. Nathan Bull says

    How many times is he gonna call Bernardo silva David Silva

  11. roast wrecked says

    What a game

  12. D McDonald says

    LFC for life 🏆❤️💥🏆❤️💥1892 YNWA hah hah

  13. soccer & ROBLOX says

    Before Oxlade Chamberlain took his penalty there's a kid with a Bayern munich

  14. sharon201078 says

    Man city vs liverpool u pick who

  15. Haqqim Ziyech says

    You'll Never Walk Alone❤️🕊️

  16. Tanaad Tv says

    Sadio mane like

    Bernardo Silva


  17. Shiven Mian says

    who is here after city lost 3-1? 🙁

  18. SAMER SAMER says

    Guardiola alone bears the loss of Manchester City
    He must leave the club
    He has the best player in the Premier League and the best elusive Riad Mehrez is the key to victory
    But did not involve him He bet on Rahim Stirling, but Rahim scored only if Ada gave him the star of the ball, Riad Mehrez

  19. Anas Pro says

    Who is here after liverpool won Against man city 3-1

  20. baloncuadrado1 says

    cualquiera de los 2 con Zlatan serian lo mas grande del mundo.

  21. Phantom Fanatic says

    Man City love playing at Wembley every time and Liverpool don't care

  22. Lionel Xavier says

    liverpool is the best 😎😎😄

  23. Ollie Cheung says

    Why do the commentators sound really unmotivated

  24. lfc lll lll says

    Gini winjaldum can t even score a pentalty

  25. Cityzen says

    Watching this before the game on sunday…hyped.!!! CTID

  26. Daidi Fanta says

    Someone explain to me why on 4 occasions this season, Sterling has failed to get a shot off on clear breaks? 2 in the premier league, 1 in ucl and 1 here. If this man is 1 v 1 against the keeper or a part of a 2 vs 1 and the keeper, he somehow manages to not get a shot on target. So bizarre because he can score from more complicated scenarios.

  27. Peachy Wiz says

    Imagine if mane played

  28. Monica Singh says

    Hoping to see a match of this quality again on Sunday!

  29. Abdou Mane says

    Merci beaucoup Liverpool

  30. Castro Text says

    Who is here after Kyle Walker played as keeper against Atalanta?

  31. Satchem 10 says

    Chelsea should/could've EZ won this! CHELSEA FC THE BEST TEAM ON EARTH, THE UNIVERSE! PERIOD!

  32. Eoghan BuddyBoy6 says

    Whys Kyle Walker BALD

  33. Rizky Arizal says

    Come on City 🔵

  34. Shivan Mohanty says

    It doesn't matter what club u support. Man city vs Liverpool is always great.

  35. 1Hari new new football says

    Hello everyone, I am your new football supporter

  36. Darling Boy says

    Salah can be selfish sometimes paa

  37. KWABENA TMI says

    I cannot wait for that liverpool vs man city game next month.

  38. Anime Boy says

    Man City lucky because no extra time in this game

  39. quwpo alex says

    imma be honest man city is the only team liverpool has trouble beating 🔵⚪️

  40. JellyDrink 1 says

    Booo wijnaldum out

  41. noorazilawati mnor says

    Where goes manchester city in ucl2018?

  42. FireHusky86 Plays says

    What a clearance from Kyle Walker!

  43. Nirbaan Bilkufs says

    Thanks for sharing. Basketball is really fun to watch. 🙂

  44. Liam says

    gg livepool unlucky we win pens

  45. Satria Kejar says

    Why not kevin de bruyne in penalty??😭

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