1. Robbie Godoy says

    2020? Just me? Alright you savages i see how it is.

  2. seeyouagain911 says

    This is so much better than any of Card I B or any female 'rappers' 'music'today.

  3. OoO man says

    Any resolution in 2020 ?Let’s be honest let be real…..

  4. Luana Oliveira says

    0 ???

  5. Mr baller 223 55 says

    This beat kills it trust me !!!

  6. Kamasani Manoj says

    Mini miltiya lovers drop your like here👇


    Mad song pls can 2020bring this type of music back

  8. samantha wild says

    2020 and still here 🙂

  9. NorbertLomma Android says

    2020 drop a like

  10. BADR72 says


  11. emre mays says

    Me after eating at mcdonalds

  12. Lightness282 says

    Like si vienes por Alan ftp

  13. Ken Assenga says

    Love this song

  14. eliza jusuf says

    me when a girl trys to date my rich boy best frend btw this will be me i'll give her the song💸💸👌🏻🙄

  15. angel morrow says

    I Love this song

  16. XxpotatoguyxX69 says

    Lets just be honest, Lets just be real, Tiktok brought us all back

  17. Zaluq💸💯😈 says

    omg plz dont get ruined by tik tok users😱

  18. Jenky Gamble says

    Baby you're over

  19. TTV_XRSUNNER YT says

    Mad song why can’t people make songs like this now there all crap like to bring these songs back

  20. orochi 111 says

    I thought she was 7 years old 😭😭

  21. Faith Beserra says

    i don t what I look up

  22. Studi♦️ Mix Dj Love says

    Yall aint neva seen no packed out Caprice full on Arabs. Yall betta watch out.

  23. NR Productions says

    Girl absolutely doesn’t look like what i imagined 😂

  24. مكسيكي m says


  25. BOOSTER 17 says


  26. Bankerlin Lawriniang says

    Look good boys

  27. Lee kang says


  28. Toytime Maddy D says
  29. Genevieve Casados says

    This song brings back memories

  30. Charity Agyeman says

    who came here cos of tiktok

  31. johnn romerr says

    El mejor R&B de la decada.

  32. Moksha (Ms.) says

    Who’s watching in 2020 🙌🏼

  33. Jamoesde says

    What the heck is he saying in the beginning

  34. XXSAHIL_251XX 251 says

    I wish these songs were released in 2019 or 2020

  35. uday says

    Who all just came for the comments section

  36. JayJay Squad says

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye my song yo

  37. Bolha Cor De Rosa says

    Vim pelo tik tok

  38. Xox says

    Anyone else come from tik tok? 😐

  39. David Kerr says

    I'm still listening in 2020

  40. Irene An says

    Who's here from tiktok?

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