Keith Urban – Cop Car


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Music video by Keith Urban performing Cop Car. (C) 2014 Hit Red Records Under Exclusive License to Capitol Records Nashville
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  1. Teresa Baker says

    Yes limit 10

  2. Teresa Baker says


  3. Teresa Baker says

    As well as United Nations

  4. Teresa Baker says

    No mention of God or savior in respect to Tom Cruise

  5. Teresa Baker says

    Insidious United Nations

  6. Teresa Baker says

    10 international children songs
    10 percent of sales

  7. DC A says

    I hear this song quite a bit on KSON San Diego, not sure why other people miss it on the radio? Great song, I prefer this one over Sam Hunt's 💯

  8. ANGELA lyNN SHUCK says


  9. Olivia Tomlinson says

    2020 Who?

  10. supreme Bros says

    Supreme Bros supreme Grove

  11. to0tsi3 roars says

    Who is here still almost in 2020 lets get this shit going

  12. Claire Boyle says

    Well at least we know that the writer of this song (Sam Hunt) has experienced the back of a cop car when he was being stupid and drinking/driving this year. I wonder how it feels for him to sing this song now.

  13. Owen Bosley says

    someone wanna tell me what it means when he says “we were already gone.”

  14. iboodini why says

    2019? Love this song

  15. Steve Lipson says

    this song is ok but keith you are great but sam hunt has a more manly voice so just saying sam is better.

  16. Ashley Brown says

    Endgame anyone

  17. rendi sinata andi says

    14 desember 2019

  18. Uriahsgrandma says

    OMG! I heard this song one time and fell in love with it! The freedom in her eyes, the Innocents. He was gone. Fell in love. What a beautiful song What a Beautiful story!

  19. Brooke Watson says

    Can't relate. I prefer to be in the front of a cop car.

  20. Lori Wetzel says

    Please legalize marijuana:) The law loves us.

  21. Tumana Scott says

    I love your music

  22. Huckelberry O'Neill says

    Old memories to burn here

  23. Kayla Smith says

    Love 💕 this song in 2019

  24. Danielle Voelkel says

    They filmed in Gallatin TN at our airport

  25. Joshua Archibald says

    My girlfriend says she misses being a Cop's Daughter, especially my overprotective Father

  26. Kathy Pan-Tran says

    Did I unknowingly stare at Kieth Urban on the Lightrail? Damn how do I not get pictures 🙁

  27. MDJAK says

    Yep. Who is the female model?

  28. THE HARDY BOYZ4 says

    Sam hunt copied the lyrics from this song and released it keith urban should sue

    Everyone like and spread this around

  29. awgilliam says

    Fuse is the last of album of his I enjoyed. Ripcord and Graffitti U don't make the cut.

  30. Zoey Hand says


  31. Jonas Eriksson says

    AMAZING !!

  32. Jess None Ya says

    Well i never fell in love in the back of a cop car, coz i've always been in there on my own, where can ya go and get arrested together?

  33. Destiny Jay Dior says

    2019 ❤️❤️

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