Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-1 Norwich | TUNNEL CAM as the Reds score four to win


Go behind-the-scenes from the Reds’ first Premier League game of the season, where they scored a 4-1 win over Norwich City at Anfield thanks to Origi, Van Dijk, Salah and an own goal.

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  1. Liverpool FC says

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  2. Linh Shinn says

    L O S E R P O R N

  3. lfc 6 times says

    mo given the boss is water .. lad weel get rid of you if carry on like tht

  4. hercjulio says

    Bobby Firmino is a genius player ⚽⚽

  5. hercjulio says

    Sii Señor, Bobby Firmino 💓

  6. Mohamed Salah .. I am very like I .. Frankly you are the first player really in Liverpool, which has been a difference in Liverpool since I came to my club .. I am your skin .. Thank you (Morachana since 35 years)

  7. Everton Sousa says

    Tell Van Dijk I want to meet him one day

  8. Everton Sousa says

    Vertel Van Dijk dat ik hem ooit wilde ontmoeten

  9. The MariO says



    I love Liverpool

  11. Ливер

  12. BFB-DanceySteve says

    £50,000 watch stolen off of his wrist! (apparently)

  13. Samuli Salminen says

    Olin kotkas eilen kattomas pelii.

  14. Pevenmadilaney Smitt says

    Adrian in Goals is the best back up we have ever had. Top squad all round even the backups

  15. achukid says

    They're finally allowed to touch the "This is Anfield" sign and only Hendo and Winni touch it? I took it almost as an offense

  16. Hian Yahya says

    Klopp even hold the bottle for salah 😣

  17. bill keane says

    great to see the best ever player we had looking good the great kenny dalglish lucky to have seen him play with rushie and ronnie and all the lads what a team

  18. corto maltes says

    3:12 when your boss calls you BOSS😎😎😎😎what a cool organization

  19. MJ B says

    221 people need help

  20. MJ B says

    I once went to see Man utd at old toilet. It was like being at a funeral you could only hear the rustling of chip paper

  21. MJ B says

    I love inside Anfield videos

  22. Bayu B. Febianto says

    when your boss called you a boss

  23. F7 FIN says

    5:09 lol fabhino checking to see if he has hair yet

  24. Screen Viewer says

    One of the key "signings" this club had years ago, was John Henry. He seems to be a down to earth and respectful business man. Ask others clubs like Newcastle or Chelsea if they don't envy us a little bit. They do, for sure.

  25. Kyle Ellwood says

    Allez allez allez

  26. Zz Zz says


  27. Pebi Rizki Ananda says

    Liverpool win EPL, ucl, etc🤗

  28. Mr Devilday says

    Gotta love John Henry so down to earth just like Klopp

  29. Stephen Caveney says

    Now ban has been (won ucl and supercup) lifted on touching why are the players not touching the legendary this is Anfield sign (its a tradition) other Hendo and Gini ynwa

  30. Arnold Muriuki says

    Liverpool 2 win💓💟💔

  31. channel kol alnas says

    ولن تسير لوحدك ابدا

  32. Ema Ahmed says


  33. nelson monteiro says

    The way the that the English live football is unparalleled.

  34. Gabriel Gonçalves says

    Esse ano a Premier League é nossa!

  35. Hosh Y says

    I live 30 mins walk away from Anfield, these videos are probably the closest I'll get to being inside the ground. Haven't seen a live game since my grandad took me all those years ago. Love this channel, but more importantly, I love this club.

  36. Faizal Radduan says

    3:28 smile 😬😬😬

  37. sudin manandhar says

    I don't like Gary Neville

  38. Dil Martinez says

    Love this !!

  39. ziuma,com says

    0:11 champion league trophy

  40. Quoc Anh Nguyen says

    Henderson touched the this is anfield poster just like Gerrard did 🙌🏻

  41. Karan Patil says

    Sad to see very less player touching Anfield sign on the way out,!!!!

  42. Karan Patil says

    Sad to see very less player touching Anfield sign on the way out,!!!!

  43. Filip Wretner says

    You know the manager is good when the owner of the whole club calls him 'Boss'.

  44. Kad Kadnarin says

    2:40 What did they do in the room?

  45. RKProductions says

    I'm a Liverpool fan of 30+ years and I must say I HATE that Mo Salah song with every fibre of my being.

  46. Maskur Askur says

    Liverpool 3

  47. Per Spellman says

    Two players touched the THIS IS ANFIELD sign, Hendo and Gini. Come on you rest, you've won a trophy now. YNWA

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