1. Cole Thimlar says

    Thats ocd nit add add= all different dads

  2. Marshionmellow - says

    me: deletes twitch
    speirs: i’ma start streaming guys! 😀
    me: why you gotta do me like that >.<

  3. Chevy Paul says

    Intro: hey guys I pooed my panys

  4. Stealth Killer says

    Intro "Hey guys, definitely not a creative guy here"

  5. John Quick says

    9: 38 in video you will see the truck speirs and yes we all have blonde moments even if your not blonde

  6. tin MrNewVegas says

    Intro: Hey guys unoriginal intro maker here

  7. Adam Menet says

    Y’all ever double check to make sure you liked the video?

  8. Hyperion says

    Someone needs to stick a jet engine on that thing

  9. Rollan Taco says

    Intro: hey guys scream

  10. darth patato says

    Intro: “hey bank shark cards here”

  11. Jaice Ray says

    intro-hey guys. welcome back to the casino. currently going bankrupt on this game

  12. Tidus Key says

    INTRO: hello hi hey guys speirs here with another game video to do dumb stuff (got to keep it PG)

  13. Nick Anderson says

    Heys jews , ziclon b here


    Speirs where’s Bay Area buggs

  15. UrBadGetGood says

    Those weird looking spoilers and splitters were common in JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars a while back

  16. Moon Man says

    Intro at the end of the vid

  17. ben CCAmmack says

    speirs, you should start to link the mods that you play with.

  18. Filmee dummy noob says

    Intro idea: meme music but dope edition.

  19. GwynAndJulius says

    play ahppy wheels

  20. TheBeastyx says

    I just made a new video and I shouted you out !hopefully the crew can help me out once I make doj vids!? https://youtu.be/36r9PMIBYHI have fun

  21. epic gamer 121 says

    Hey guys catch up here on my hotdog

  22. HARMON AUSTIN says

    You should do some more gta races or as the game says "jobs"

  23. Sintale the green engine says

    Intro: hey guys hey. New mods name a LADA car pack in BEAMNG.com

  24. Khant Mg says

    Japan race car 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  25. Diego Grove says

    Hey credit card company hear your card just got charged for virtual money

  26. Colton Black says

    Intro:hey guys man that sold his challenger for GTA money here

  27. Slawek Jonas says

    Intro: hie guys ritch spiers here

  28. Sugar Cookie says

    Into: hey boi’s speirs ya furry bud eh

  29. Cameron Mullins says

    Hey spiers I sold everything I own to by shark card

  30. Cameron Mullins says

    Happy new year's spiers when I get old enuff will visit you a have carved your youtube name on my since bok

  31. Cloud Venom says

    It's a time lap cat

  32. alex daniel says

    Intro: Hey guys bugs bunny here

  33. samuraijoke16 says

    You are very add

  34. samuraijoke16 says

    You are very add

  35. TheB3AST says

    “I don’t like how those pencils look” Speirs- 2020 😂

  36. Nordlendingen 01 says

    I see speirs got the 2020 Honda lawnmover concept

  37. Oxymoron907 says

    Speirs thanks for the call out. I heard you say my name "Marc". I am happy to be your friend.

  38. Deandre Dosanjos says

    Intro:hay guys it's me again hi

  39. Landen Corter says


  40. James Lowery says

    (From the goonies)

  41. David Bowler says

    @SpeirsTheAmazingHD intro, it's the amazing mathmatition here

  42. Camren Mckissick says

    Speirs here I’m happy because Iran can’t hurt us

  43. JrxNazty YT says

    i think youtube should only like people like no dis like

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