Everyday Dilemmas II: Milner and Robertson | Pineapple on pizza, meal deals & chicken or the egg?


We asked for your questions on Instagram, and now James Milner and Andy Robertson return to answer them. Filmed during the Reds’ pre-season tour of the USA, the duo get to the bottom of your ‘Everyday Dilemmas’

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  1. Liverpool FC says

    Don't see subtitles in your language? Click here to translate the video title/description and subtitles and you’ll be credited in the description: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=XxXgGP3jaDY&ar=1567612097069

  2. Coolzara 1 says


  3. Axel Halldin says

    Lol Robbo is hilarious

  4. Leigh K says


  5. Gaming Enthusiast says

    can we get more videos of these two together

  6. Ben Jefferson says

    I love this. Robbo’s skit in the middle here when he’s on about his role in the Barca win. His reaction when Millie is on about steak. Millie trolling him with Braveheart. All of this is mint.

  7. gunnersfish1 says

    – Robbo

  8. Joe Dugdale says

    What an accent🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿What a Left back⚽🔴What a man🏋️‍♂️
    Andy Robertson👇

  9. Dyl W says

    Has he seriously never heard of what came first the chicken or the egg?

  10. Joe Mudd says

    Yes robbo I agree

  11. Groot Baby says

    Robbo is a walking talking meme. His expressions 🤣

  12. Who wants them to do a third one

  13. JAMBO MCJAM says

    James I put pineapple on my pizza as well as ham

  14. Complex Banks says

    I put bbq on a pizza so I don't have tomato

  15. Unknown human says

    Robbo is so cute hahahah

  16. C Wolbers says

    🍍🍕🚫🚫🚫 that's shocking james, absolutely shocking

  17. dspf68 says

    Robbo is right, pineapple is just wrong!

  18. Football Live says

    The chicken came first from revolution

  19. Giovanni bazan says

    And just like that all of italian community joined Andy cause to abolish the pineapple on the pizza

  20. Del Seibold says

    These guys are awesome.

  21. Jonathan Tsoen-Shin Lam says

    Robbo will be a good comedian after his retirement

  22. SDMN Dolan says

    1:03 robbo is a mood 😂

  23. Cule 1899 says

    Liverpool's greatest achievement is that comeback

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