1. TalkFCB says

    Griezmann, Messi & Suárez all on the scoresheet! What did you make of that display, culés?

  2. Alec Moulton says

    I like how you are almost getting the same amount of views as subscribers you have …kepp up the good work!!💪🏽

  3. Fritz Disick says

    Griezmann is a wonderful player, he cannot be out and outstanding in every game especially when playing out of position, however his stats are clear. He is very confident in his ability and what he can do. But messi needs to put friendship with Suarez off the pitch and find Griezmann, his touch is amazing,agility is great. Not sure but when Griezmann scored, I bet he was expecting more excitement from Messi but instead Messi was lethargic.

  4. Tawombera Nyikadzino says

    Give Suarez his comment he was fantastic especially him playing well with messi

  5. Namene Nsiipu says

    It was a good performance in Eibar but does this means Griezmann is set to play at LW in a MSG/GSM front line and Dembele missing out of our XI? Please your thoughts bro

  6. NBA 2k mobile says

    Griezmann has to step up and earn it. Yesterday was a good step towards it.

  7. VoodooChaos says

    Really great game from team, props to Valverde

  8. kelvin meklaut says

    Fuck videos

  9. Quienn Joey says

    soungs like everyone happy now i can still remember how many of u guys said barca wont make it this season!!got to have faith in ur team if u a real farca fan/supporter …i still feel we can do better with another manager other than valverde #foreverbarca

  10. BlackSheep90ss says

    No more Pique please

  11. jarionw says

    GSM needs to play more together and pass the ball to Griezmann

  12. Kennedy Chigozie Dibiaezue says

    Am actually very impressed with the win am also happy to see both messi and griezmann on the score sheet and hope we can maintain this intensity and momentum throughout the season

  13. Ashwin Vinod says

    Msg is the new trend!

  14. Curtis Charles says

    I cannot understand valverde. WHY PROMOTE WAGUE and you will not play him? So now he cant play at Barca b , so he is just training?.. then he will suddenly call on him to play after months and months of no game time. The stupidity of this coach is ridiculous.

  15. Dino Alibegovic says

    I believe that the injurys is coming because of the bag training that Valverde make them do, greizmann said him self that the training is way easier then in alti.

  16. lRydeRdiel says

    To people that are talking about dropping Suarez. I think he has a must play clause in his contract, so once he's fit he has to play.

  17. lRydeRdiel says

    I'm secretly happy that Roberto got injured. I wanna see Semedo get consistent game time

  18. suhaib baig says

    MSG the Destruction of other teams

  19. Mapiwa Joel says

    Samuel Umtiti

  20. Michael Mensah says

    Umtiti impressed a lot and helped us keep a clean sheet

  21. Demilola Adenusi says

    That wasn’t a great game…

    It’s was a SUPERB game👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  22. Jigga-Man N says

    Jamie, my wife is complaining i am always on YouTube for your match reviews and previews. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ I so wish she understands how excellent your job is here.

  23. Michael Agyepong says

    I wish Valverde will never play Rakitic again, he is just occupying space and he's a waste

  24. Filth Eusha says

    Nothing about Puig's injury!!

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