1. Cory Mc says

    29:50 he starts making fun of Q, 😀

  2. Vicroria Perez says

    https://youtu.be/jUUCL2l1MOk trump bum click on

  3. Death Dealer says

    Dressing like Joe Rogan while sounding like Joey Diaz drinking a gravel milkshake.

  4. Harriet Hunter says

    Alex is absolutely right about the indictments. Please President Trump start with the indictments. If one big name is charged then the others will follow. Alex we are all angry. You are a man of conviction. Thanks for all the work you do.

  5. Haistapaska01 says

    View this video: https://youtu.be/Q7C7H5aftb4

  6. Harriet Hunter says

    Lou Dobbs is the best on Fox. A pleasure to watch. Softly spoken. Doesn't interrupt his guests. Hannity would be ok if he didn't wave his arms around all the show. Carlson is ok but interrupts and talks over everyone. As a viewer prefer Lou Dobbs. The Five is crap.

  7. Harriet Hunter says

    Those who were supposed to guard Jeffrey Epstein well they should be charged for not doing their jobs. Some jail time and those tapes will reappear. Jail or tell the truth what really happened.

  8. Dr. Bob B says

    We need a hundred stars on the American flag? Imperialist or what. Sounds like the end of an Empire. Make a deal with Canada over its water after imposing tariffs on its aluminum and steel. This guy is a pipe dreamer. This guy s an idiot.

  9. Gary Grover says

    Good job – thanx for the opportunity to watch the show commercial free.

  10. Dr. Bob B says

    I learned a long time ago that people that are all talk and no show are probably full of crap. Trump is all talk and no show.

  11. An Author says

    President is clueless, stop playing 4D chess, you can't predict the future, arrest the traitors now!

  12. Ondine107 says

    The way he says Windmills 🤣

  13. Mondo says

    Who the hell do you think you are J0nes, constantly telling the President what to do ? KNOW YOUR PLACE FAT PIG!

  14. Truth Seeking says

    How does Alex regard Yang because he's likely to beat the elder ❤️ troubled Bernie Sanders

  15. Your the Best says

    Alex Jones 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. V.I.P. Haircutz says

    You know your false show dates are going to piss people off..
    Not helping.. ya dummy

  17. dcrockafella says

    I'm living in my van. . I'm in raleigh. Nc.

  18. dcrockafella says

    Subscribe to my channel. First to break hillary seizure video look at my history

  19. Kauaian K says

    President Trump Make sure we Dont have Election FRAUD as we did in Mid terms. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT AND ILLEGALS VOTING! HAWAII IS SO VERY CORRUPT!

  20. Kauaian K says

    President Trump Give We The People More power Over the Corrupt Government in each State! Help Us Help You More!

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