CHELSEA vs LILLE (2-1) Uefa Champions League MATCH VLOG! || CHELSEA INTO LAST 16!


CHELSEA vs LILLE (2-1) Uefa Champions League MATCH VLOG! || CHELSEA INTO LAST 16! Chelsea ensured they will be playing Champions League football in 2020 with a 2-1 home win against Lille. Goals from Tammy Abraham and Cesar Azpilicueta secured the win for Chelsea as Frank Lampard’s Side move into the Last 16 to face either Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, RB Leipzig or Bayern Munich!

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A Brand New Football Channel – My name is George Benson and this is my brand new Football Talk Channel. As I mention within this welcome video, this is my new outlet for football discussions, expressing my opinions and joining the global conversation some more regarding various different things in the worldwide football community. I intend on posting a minimum of 3 videos every week even over the summer looking through transfer speculation, looking at different clubs, what they need, and of course, engaging with you all in the comments. You can find links to my main channel where I mainly post travel related content with the link below.


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  1. Honken Honken says

    Simple, I see a George Benson Football Channel video, I click.

  2. HazzerSfc85 says

    Where did Lille finish

  3. DaLogan 59 says

    We lost this good game but we put fire on the stadium, proud to be a part of it. Go Lille !
    It was a nice game.
    Eden Hazard ❤

  4. FR RomRIJSEL says

    I was there in the shed end, tbf we haven't played champion's league for 7 years and a game in London was perfect for us to experience this CL magic and we didn't care that we were out (and we're known in our league to have a fanbase that supports the team no matter what, and 2 seasons ago we sold out against a small team because we were playing the 17th spot and atmosphere was insane)
    We knew we'd probably lose but this goal at the end had a taste of victory and it's a shame we didn't manage to tie although it'd be a hold up

  5. Teguh Kresnobody says

    Chelsea Empty goal post…

    He just stare at the ball without any reaction..

  6. Rasheed Bakhashwain says

    Is Lawrence ur friend? brother? relative?

  7. JoJo 127 says

    Hey it's me Joseph gaskin if you remember me can u met Frank lampard and tell him who you think should start

  8. highsoguy22 says

    chelsea might get a draw with barcelona ur seem chelsea always played either teams,so who to say it wont be either teams i mentions again..

  9. A K says

    I want psg !!

  10. lawii minae says

    Duller than the rest 😅

  11. Joseph Brantley says

    give me Juve. Liepzig is dangerous as hell right now. they have an American Manager, they have gone toe to toe with Liverpool and they are just an upset waiting to happen.

  12. Paraipan Sergiu says

    I think that Chelsea will play Bayern

  13. peter tyson says

    All good teams in the next round. So it doesn't matter. I was listening on the redio. When Remy scored. I thought . Who. Ive heard that name somwere. Then I thought. Dah . He played for chelsea. Lol.😁. . Glad he's still going. I liked him . Shame he didn't get far in blue shirt. I thought he would be one for future. . But still. It was stressful listening at. home. Belive me. Bournemouth next. We need a good 3-0 win . To know we're back in track. Good vid.👍.

  14. M.muhammad says

    They couldn't do it on a rainy night in west London.

  15. Dave Buckner says

    George, your Vids do something I thought was impossible…making my football addiction even more fun and amazing. For me, winning CL is a stretch because we have no world class depth. However, I do see this draw as a huge opportunity to build our confidence for the remainder of the year. So, in line with that, I want Barcelona in the draw. Yes, that’s right, the team that scares us the most. Why? Cause I know we can beat them in one of the 2 matches. Will they take us on aggregate, probably but that’s not a concern. I want our boys going into the remainder of the season knowing that they beat Barca and can therefore beat anyone in the Prem.

  16. James Johnson says

    I’m so happy I’m Alex is a Chelsea fan

  17. trooper 123 says

    at a chelsea game

  18. Maxamed Baraale says

    We need a replay of 2012

  19. NavyRider 93 says

    George didn’t wanted Lampard to play Pulisic for this match, lol! Pulisic ended up being the men of the match!!! That’s why they say, “if you do what the fans tell you, you end up in the bleachers with them.”

  20. Elodea says

    Everytime Michy comes on the whole team falls apart.

  21. clems94250 says

    Atmosphere is so flat in east and west stand sadly 😣

  22. Francis Winters says

    We are in the last 16 of the champions league anything can happen up Chelsea 💯👍

  23. strongraycool44 :D says

    Everyone saying they want to draw Leipzig, I’d rather draw PSG.

  24. Cody Oaks says

    Why not draw the best first place team ???? Imagine beating them instead of the weakest.

  25. Fr Dff says

    I would say rb lepzing or juventus

  26. Niall Woods Vlogs says

    I would like Leipzig keep up the good work GBFC

  27. James River CFC Reviews says

    Leipzig will be easiest tie

  28. jeFF Fury says

    We've got Barca last season, so, it's PSG time this season then.. We don't get any others.

  29. jeFF Fury says

    Always needs to make us eat our nails this fucking team! Should've been 5-0 up at the time when Remy scored, but instead, made us shit our pants for good 20 minutes!

  30. Luc Levene says

    I saw u at the game in the east stand before the game and I didn’t know it was u because u were wearing that hoodie but now I’ve confirmed it was u

  31. Sandipan Rana says

    i think bayern or juve would be perfect for us

  32. ALEX DUNNE says

    Absolute limbs when Chelsea scored

  33. Korilla says

    Anyone else lowkey want to draw Barcelona?

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