1. Hollywoodsteve says

    You are all not thinking fourth dimensionally. Where they are going that cliff isn't there.

  2. freedom or death says

    If I lived in that shit hole, I might do that to.

  3. Constantly Correct says

    Vertical video RUINS another video

  4. Gee Trieste says

    It's fake.
    Artifacts on the car, AND gravity is not working as fast as it should, and the ramp is not angled sharp enough for car to go that up/horizontally, and no dust puffed around upon launch; also wheel is too sharp for the speed it is spinning during jump.

  5. D the Evil says

    I think this is fake. No dirt scrape on liftoff, movement too smooth. No reaction from driver recording it.

  6. AARM-USRA says

    Don't text and drive

  7. Kiki's Korner says

    Did the driver even bother to stop? I hope the driver called 911 IMMEDIATELY.
    Some of these comments are not funny. Imagine it being a loved one of yours and try to make a joke about that.🙄

  8. Milosz Ostrow says

    Even though this has been described elsewhere as a dashcam video, I've never seen one this unstable and with such a narrow angle of view. It looks more like it was recorded with a cell phone hand-held in portrait mode. Could this possibly be a hoax?

  9. fumb Duck says

    Dads when you turn on the light in the back seat:

  10. BB Wolf says

    I've heard now that they've found no trace of that car.
    Knowing this, have a look at the path the car takes – no dust appears to be kicked up by its tires.

  11. Vicky says

    That’s sad !

  12. Roger Ramjet says

    Was that Marty Mcfly?

  13. Elvis Stone says

    Recalculating 😆👌🍻

  14. Belinda Morales says

    You guys this is real. It’s devils slide and stuff like this has happened before. I live around here, there were helicopters around and traffic

  15. Bri K says

    Another news video shows tire tracks at the spot where the car went over.

  16. My 240sx says

    Devils Slide……☹️

  17. Car Kingz says

    He needed the right speed to catch the portal in time!

  18. real RonaldsRump says

    Fake as hell

  19. Gary Webb says

    weird no dust/dirt kicked up when car went from road to shoulder. almost as if car never was on dirt. fake.

  20. Haha this is like the race to the Island on GTA5

    Pacific Standard: Signal. Off the cliff right for the jetskis

  21. Agnes Mejias says

    This must be video editing… they will get in trouble

  22. Bilge Pump says

    Fake. The car lifts off the edge at to high a angle and should be bouncing before it goes off the cliff.

  23. Fabio Gaucho says


  24. Amish Space Force says


  25. Jonathan Seitz says


  26. 40avo says

    What a ”good Samaritan”
    The driver could’ve easily pulled over and rush to the the take off spot to film the aftermath. A car doesn’t sink straight away, You need to be one cold hearted son of a bit not to care about your YouTube viewers


    I'm hoping that's one of the many people that have Trump Derangement sgndrome.😂
    Or just a person trying to get out of this shit hole state.🤣

  28. dannnyjos says


  29. Chris Chen says

    Should have updated GPS.

  30. DANIEL FLORES says

    Did they ever find the SUV? Someone?

  31. Alex King says

    Deep fake?

  32. Jude Noonan says

    deep fake for clicks

  33. Pimerxd says

    Style points

  34. mattcolver1 says

    Nice deep fake.

  35. Chad C. Chadwick says

    Deep fake.

  36. Cindi Morgan says

    This is FAKE people. Its extremely easy to do!

  37. Evan Finn says

    And I oop

  38. Jemima Fraggle says


  39. Danny DaDue says

    They’re trying to complete all the jumps in Los Santos

  40. Stace Mann says

    What some people won’t do to save a buck at The car wash

  41. milsurprifles says

    That was Harry Crumb.

  42. ImRic says

    Is there video of someone filming this stopping and looking over the edge? Perhaps filming the car below? If not why not? Suspicious.

  43. Nick P says

    I guarantee those Morons we're texting and driving, it's the only way to make such a fatal mistake, given the time if day it's unlikely they were drunk, but we've all caught ourselves veering in between lanes or slightly off lane while looking down at our phones, hopefully never to do it again. This is why

  44. blackonblackseven says

    Full send engage

  45. Opi-Rage says

    Definitely fake. Fake fake fake.

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