1. Rawhead Rex says

    Remember when Richard Keys wasn't an old fat bastard?

  2. jordan L says

    American athletes are the most coach able and have the best competitive spirit

  3. Duval Hazard says

    I had faith in you Pulisic..

  4. Incheskline Jnr says

    Frank: Now it's Man United Man United Man United

  5. Gunspecialist says

    Pulisic on🔥🔥🔥

  6. Olu aDROIT says

    the 2nd pundit is shi in punditry

  7. FarawayTundra008 says

    “Where are the goals going to come from”

  8. Francis Emmanuel says

    Happy for pulisic
    Up Chelsea up Lampard up Stanford bridge 💃💃💃💃💃

  9. Jordan Schroer says

    This could very well be the Alex Furguson of Chelsea in the making… What a manager, wow.

  10. Kelvin Fussi says

    Pulisic needs more playing time.

  11. ANIME TV says

    1st. 😒😒😒.
    Pulisic scored a perfect hat trick. So superb. Youngest chelsea player to score a perfect hat trick

  12. Kennedy Yakobe says

    Thumbs up Lampard…you are doing great

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