Bournemouth V Arsenal Match Preview | Excited For Arteta’s First Game!


Bournemouth V Arsenal Match Preview | Excited For Arteta’s First Game!

Bournemouth V Arsenal Match Preview

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  1. Jemal Amir says


    That's why I said we need Simone or Allegrii.

    Emrey / Fridde where a good managers but the owners couldn't provide Emrey to construct his team they gave him the same players to Emrey Fridde and again for Arteta. He will never creat NOTHING with this squad Yet again Arteta Please Please I beg you buy Defenders Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee… Get rid of 10 players as soon as possible.

    Kolasinac ❌
    Sokratis ❌
    Marvopolos ❌
    Holding keep
    A.M.N – Out / Loan
    Chambers – Out / Loan

  2. TheDiegoo17 says

    Where troopz forfeit

  3. Kermiki Pdang says

    How on earth Saka got over Martinelli 😬

  4. Mohammed Islam says

    Arteta Out

  5. Aristos Papaiacovou says

    wheres the live interviews Don rival fans need our fix.

  6. LX says

    Must be hurting robbie talking good about a manager

  7. Szym3k says

    Hahahahha 😂😂😂

  8. Karl Trausti says

    First game and Arteta fucks it up, Nelson and Ozil ahead of two much better players,,,,pathetic bullshit hope I am wrong

  9. John Cleary says

    How can 96 people dislike a very positive video, wishing people a merry Xmas and encouraging people to get behind the manager and team, wtf is wrong with this fan base🙄 keep up the good work Robbie, and I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and have an awesome new year.💯👍

  10. Nadine Pierre says

    I’ve really warmed to Arteta. He talks total sense and impresses me. We have to give him his full term to make the team his own. Arteta really knows what we need and he will fight the board tooth and nail to get what he wants. I'm confident we will find ourselves again.

  11. GoonerKIRK says

    Hopefully Tottenham and Chelsea drop points.

  12. GoonerKIRK says

    We need to SIGN A LB. We should have kept Monreal.

  13. prabin budhathoki says

    Nice hoodie Robbie 🤧

  14. InMyOwn Words says

    The rubbish that impress you people… Nothing impress me but results. How you dress or talk means NOTHING! The only thing matters is the 3 points.

  15. SteakBaked says

    holy shit robbie putting a shift in on christmas day respect

  16. Brett Brown says

    fingers and toes crossed! cause if we get blazed the question now is can we stay up…GO Arsenal beat dem bad!!!

  17. Николай Лагута says

    Thank you, Robi. It were a truly supportive words. Arsenal needs to listen to its fans.

  18. Ismail Shah says

    We need some creativity from the boys. Since the past many of our midfielders have left the club.

  19. lucas lim says

    Robbie with the root beer on his wrist

  20. Asad Hussain says

    We need Koulibaly and kevin Volland.

  21. Dean Mo says

    You will lose!! And will be confront by the group who want aftv out !!

  22. jesus is jerry allah is tom says

    auba is good striker but he doesn't give his best, if he does asenal would win even unwinnable games.

  23. Talli Ban says

    We will win i am going arsenal 2 d other team one

  24. Talli Ban says

    I feel gd energy about today

  25. Talli Ban says

    An we as da fans need to get behind arteta an da players

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