Best 5 Juventus games: 2018/19


The best five games from the Bianconeri’s 2018/19 campaign:

Juventus vs Lazio (2-0)

Juventus vs Napoli (3-1)

Manchester United vs Juventus (0-1)

AC Milan vs Juventus (0-2)

Juventus vs Atletico Madrid (3-0)

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. Feisal Salat says

    I wish I had met wid de goat CR7 —– de man huz nem satisfies everyone

  2. Gianpaolo Satta says

    I want.

  3. Alejandra MR says

    No me interesa la portada de diva por eso no te doy link

  4. ShishFox_ Original says

    Don't sell Dybala

  5. Maria De Caro says

    Forza juve sempre e comunque!

  6. Vita Andreottola says

    scifo la juve

  7. black_out 2005 says

    Forza Juve sempre🔝❤️

  8. Hua Wu says

    Awesome video, great editing!

  9. Rxbxa 57 says

    Dybala my love 💕

  10. Tony Bains says

    Cristiano Ronaldo 👌💎💎

  11. Alessandro Costantini says

    Dico uffici gufo BBVA knick

  12. Joel Rose says

    Cristiano Ronaldo è il migliore del mondo !!

  13. Analia Garcia says

    Paulo dybala

  14. Rookie Gaming says


  15. Rookie Gaming says

    Forza Juve

  16. Fulvio Ferrauto says

    Four out of five date back to the beginning of the season…

  17. Ultra Trump says

    One of my favorite match Lazio 1-2 Juve. Lazio think they would win on Juve Own Goal. Lazio have Juve under pressure from the start. But it all change when substitute Joao Cancelo struck from close range to level the contest 1-1 before Ronaldo convert his penalty kept his cool for victory . Forza Juve For Life

  18. szymon magiera says

    forza juve

  19. Jorginho Rjs says

    JUVENTUS show de bola

  20. Annuj Khandelwal says

    Ronaldo is GOAT

  21. Tom Gurung says

    CR7 just fucked aletico in the end !

  22. Dais Apa aja says

    Ronaldo please back to Madrid
    Ronaldo please back to Madrid

  23. Enrico Nicoli says

    Mamma mia che video , spettacolo

  24. princextreme88 says

    forza juve

  25. Lioc Ucul says

    Hala juve♨

  26. TGH _BLUEFIRE says

    CR7 it's my best footballer and i got all he's kits

  27. AlphabitX says

    wow why do you always put juventus like i know i like them but put other team once in a while jeez

  28. L' Orcamadonna says
  29. hadi abdurahman says

    Music names anyone?

  30. Кнгь Пртм says

    Dior prodaction serglee selam

  31. Fede Gia says

    Forza juve! Fino alla fine. Dybalaaa Cr777. siuuuuuuuu !!!!!

  32. Stefano Giorgi says

    Grande stagione 2trofei vinti e non è mai scontato vincere

  33. Eddy Key says

    e juventus ajax no ? ahahaha

  34. Stefano Giorgi says

    Games w8nderful

  35. Riccardo Rana says

    Da brividi questo video



  37. Spongebob Kanciastoporty says


  38. Vicent Castelló Bofí says

    Where is the Juve vs Ajax??🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Ali Syahbana says

    Super video editing

  40. Khamsum Dybala says

    Juventus is the best football team in the world cuz they deaf. Lots of strong teams like PSG, Berca, Manchester City, Man United, Atheleco Madrid and Bayren Muchen😆😆

  41. Khamsum Dybala says

    I will say De Gea and scezney is the best keeper in the world l⚽⚽

  42. Khamsum Dybala says

    Juventus should buy De Ligit and Pogba and sell cancelo

  43. Khamsum Dybala says

    I hope New Juventus manager Sarri would LET PAULO DYBALA PLAY not in the bench😣😣😣😢😢😧😦😩

  44. ohhatabo says

    Dybala youngboys

  45. Andrea Manna says

    Non c'era questa grande scelta…

  46. Mouad Bouzidi says

    hay I wish you success in all matches

  47. hussein rammal says

    MERDA_INTER for no reason Forza_juve ⚪⚫

  48. Gôn Gà chọi says

    2019 – 2020 pogba vs de ligt

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