Bellerin & Tierney play for U23s | Wolves 2-2 Arsenal | Highlights


Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin stepped up their respective recoveries from injury on Friday night, each playing 62 minutes in a 2-2 draw with Wolves.

Folarin Balogun opened the scoring in the first minute with a darting run and delicate finish, before the hosts drew level through Bruno Jordan.

We looked set to leave with all three points when Balogun restored our lead in the second half with a composed finish, but Taylor Perry equalised deep into stoppage time, latching onto a lofted pass to fire into the bottom right corner.

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  1. tyler adams says

    played at my local stadium telford united fc stadium bucks head

  2. Well played Kieran n the boys

  3. Fazul Maalim says

    Let pepe play under 23 for the time been,he is very selfish at sometimes he is wasting the position

  4. Isleofskye says

    "Looking for yet ANOTHER win!"…they have only won 2 games..Joker 🙂

  5. CT says

    Some of the best players in the world go to…. Telford omd what a game

  6. Nicholas Barbella says

    I can’t believe that Bellerin is still under 23 it seems like he’s been playing forever

  7. Hello There says

    Take care of him

  8. Craig Whyte says

    You’ve got yourselves a belter of a player Arsenal. Good luck KT . Once a Celt always a Celt 🖐🏻🤚🏻🍀🇻🇦🇻🇦

  9. TrueGirl 5 says

    who was the guy in the thumbnail

  10. ian aabian says

    BaloGUN. this kid is born to be a GUNNER!

  11. S G says

    It’s good to see the guys but also to see the kids 💯🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  12. Death Army says

    2nd goal of Wolves was pretty good….

  13. Bernhard Sonn says

    What a nice finish. The second goal form wolves

  14. Bernhard Sonn says

    Lol. This Ballagan scores so many goals and then misses 2 100% chances

  15. kat says

    Well done Keiran, miss you up here but wish you all the best.

  16. mustafa zahari says

    I looks like the defensive problem of the arsenal wont go away fo a long time… The u23 defending is similar to the senior team… Maybe the defending philosophy of the Arsenal is not right…

  17. Marc Andree says

    I know they’re fresh from injury but seeming as they’re meant to be our first choice full backs also with mavropanos as centre half who’s also meant to be promising. Defensively they looked weak.. and that was against an U23 wolves side…

  18. raheemgangsterboy says

    Ain’t Bellerín 24 ?

  19. chunsung mwale says

    Defense as shity as the first team 🤦🏿‍♂️

  20. Del says

    would be great to have u-23 actions uploaded on a weekly basis. this gonna provide us fans the chance to see these future stars closely!

  21. Alexx Allert says

    Damn…the U23s playing better than the first team 😂

  22. Thierry Henry the legend says

    hector bellerins haircut is back. maybe his form will to

  23. דניאל סיום says

    Poor mav nobody care about him😢

  24. shaneey larkin says

    Balogun could walk into united and chelsea first team just shows the quality of strikers we have that even eddie can go on lone to leeds haha

  25. slickchap says

    Seeing Tierneys passing there is sharp and precise he plays forward I like him already

  26. Eugene Zevanya says

    hah how old is hector bellerin

  27. Joel Tan says

    tot bellerin is alr 24?

  28. iiNanasky says

    Who else loves this commentator?

  29. abdinoor shariff says

    Even our under 23 are poor in in defence and away

  30. Jack Donnellan says

    Well at least var can’t rule it out

  31. Orange Gaming says

    The first wolves goal was tierneys fault for not staying with his man.

  32. Nana Asiedu says

    Even in the under 23 our defense is shaky

  33. mikel yoldan says

    because they don't play with the first team ?

  34. MC G says

    I swear Tierney was at fault for the Wolves goal 😟

  35. Mostafa Abdallah says

    برضه اتعادلوا يعني ولا الكبار نافعين ولا الصغيرين

  36. Raj Jeyakumar says

    Return of faster defenders, Bellerin and Tierney should step up the team's reliability,

  37. ChestnutTV says

    Does Wenger manage the U23s?

  38. David May says

    Same problems at the back. No one at club to coach basic defending worrying

  39. Ninho TV says

    I'm hoping to see Balogun getting some minutes today

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