Barcelona 2 x 3 Chelsea ● UCL 2012 Semi-final Extended Goals & Highlights HD


Barcelona 2 x 3 Chelsea ● UCL 2012 Semi-final Extended Goals & Highlights HD

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  1. Jakob Eliasson says

    13:08 someone just came…..

  2. elton elton says

    Feito histórico! Mesmo sendo massacrado , levando sorte .. futebol , a futebol …

  3. chris nathan says

    cristiano ronaldo the greatest ever fact

  4. Bayu Aji Nugroho says

    Petr cech briliant perform

  5. Gilar Sadeva says


  6. Marco Antonio Marin says

    El q subió el video al minuto 10 tapó la imagen para que no veamos el clavado

  7. GonxD says

    El barca se cansó de errar goles

  8. Black Black says

    Barca 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  9. Harith Daniel says

    9:03 he made it look so easy

  10. ยอดเยี่ยมจ้า

  11. Desi Pratama says


  12. Mamad Faye says

    January 2020 still here

  13. Bima Dzul says

    Best match ever

  14. iVee says

    When drogba causes a penalty nobody can win it 😂

  15. 1k subs no vid sub to me says


    He sounds like he's getting banged

  16. Norman Rego says

    Motm Gary Neville

  17. Ibnu Hibban says
  18. Ibnu Hibban says
  19. Love Dog says

    John Terry!!!👎👎🖕🖕

  20. Trịnh Đăng Winner X says

    I love Chelsea, love Drogba, love Torres❤

  21. 20000 X says

    P. Cech MOTM

  22. Aminat Maliki says

    Messi was the reason Barca lost this match.

  23. ivaldinho silva says

    Barcelona perdeu muitos gols

  24. Sakhila Choirunisa says

    Everytime I'm watching this i got goosebumps.

  25. jajaja seamos honestos ese chelsea daba miedo

  26. tom Pouce says

    I call this payback

  27. Decent Boy says

    Chelsea Won Because of Czech
    BARCA Lost Because of Messi

  28. Ricardo Grana says

    Barcelona was a much better team, but with no luck in this match

  29. Frank D says

    Increible como de suerte ganan estos del chelsea

  30. Vitor souza Vsilva says

    A bruxa em 2012 tava solta parecia que tinha uma Zica para a baba do time do chelsea ser campeão kkk

  31. firman rudy says

    Mess is suck,, if he scored that penalty,, it was end

  32. Edvan Dias says

    Corinthians!! Mundial 2012 kkkk

  33. Don Omz says

    Who is still here with me in 2020 ⚽💙. One of the greatest results of all time for #CFC.

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