1. AI Channel says

    Visca barca

  2. Marco Scicchitano says

    Messi 😔

  3. Pino Klatt says

    Im a barca fan and bought tickets for the gamper trophie and for fucking 35 million from the club every year i expect messi to be there this is just shit and respectless wtf☹

  4. DON says

    It’s looking real 🇫🇷 at camp nou

  5. Mudrick Likoswe says

    Ter stegen hands like magnetic

  6. Tomeu Oliver says

    Pique sesta poniendo en plena forma👌

  7. Jallow boubacar says


  8. Mark Hartley says

    Fuck barçalona

  9. JimmyFloyd a says

    Una sola pregunta me hago, por qué cojones los calcetines han de ser todos los años blancos?

  10. sebas fuentes says

    Yyyyuy messi juega

  11. i,m king says

    Barca fans like please

  12. Jura4ka В Квадрате says

    Где Малком?

  13. Devrim Cagan Encur says


  14. Tony Carrillo says

    De nada sirve contratando excelentes jugadores, Si el ENTRENADOR ES EL MISMO. ESTA QUEMADO YA. NO TIENE IDEAS. 2 VECES Humillado en la Champions. Que esperan OUT


    When I look at ALENA , PUIG, and all those other young lads from LA MASIA, I feel sad, not because they are not getting the minutes, but rather because I dont see them this close to replacing the DREAM TEAM , from LA MASIA we had back them. They just dont have the ability, gut, confidence, and vision to rival big team in EUROPE. IT was indeed A DREAM TEAM THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEE EVER AGAIN. No wonder barca in busy in the market, and I of all people dont BLAME them.

  16. اووم غمازة says

    منو من العرب يخلي لايك اني من العراق

  17. Nova Man says

    Pique hard working than sergio Ramos force barca

  18. Nova Man says

    Lol Suarez came

  19. Lelievre Paul says

    Waouh i m impressed dembele arrived on time

  20. ARJUN LM10 says

    Barca should sell Rakitic, Rafinha, VALVERDE ☠️ and keep Malcom

  21. agustiono 712 says

    Grizman helps Messi score so that you are helped by him to score.

  22. ARZ 89 says

    فالفيردي مدرب غبي

  23. Ibra seye says

    Vamos Barça❤😍💪

  24. Jasur Sobitov says

    Forca Barca

  25. Nata Li says


  26. Pulkit Jain says


  27. Lambanderos says

    I can’t believe how slow Pique is

  28. Pholen Kdežke says

    Who want Pep Back?

  29. Pholen Kdežke says

    Who want Neymar back?

  30. Rajan Oli says

    Fuck you all motherfucker

  31. Rajan Oli says

    Ronaldo is great

  32. Moses Fenny says

    Pique is on fire

  33. IWAR Gaming says

    Barcelona please change number coutinho 11.
    Yes (cmt)
    No (Like)
    Griezmann number 7
    Dambele number 17.

  34. Moses Fenny says

    Can't wait to see the goat

  35. Moses Fenny says

    My players are on fire

  36. sisay dawit says

    we needs Neymar

  37. Manyel Borisov says

    Barca by ronaldo

  38. RoastedBanana Scmr. says

    Kok gw ngakak sama iklan head and shoulders nya? Wkwkwk

  39. CHHUN KH En says


  40. NoThisName says

    Я тут один русский?

  41. Miranda Blue says

    Suarez Dembele Rakitic Rafinha (que es bueno pero hay que buscarle club) Sergi Roberto al carrer!!!! Fuera todos necesitamos juntar dinero para recuperar a Neymar y de paso se aligera la plantilla!!!!

  42. Miranda Blue says

    Falta más empeño del FCB ya traigan a Neymar 😤 hay que vender a los viejos que no sirven Rakitic y Suarez están de más también Dembele que es una estafa no vale lo que pagaron por él 😬😤

  43. Miranda Blue says

    Que barbaridad que el club no tenga dinero para traer a Neymar de vuelta 😤 que vergüenza! Neymar ya ha demostrado TANTO sus ganas por volver las hecho públicas! 🧐🧐🧐

  44. Dann Huerta says

    Que Alegría se ve en este gran plantel 🤙🍫

  45. djay yan says

    This is how many goals will Griezmann score

  46. Azarulx says

    Mr President !!! Looking sharppp

  47. يلي يحب برشلونة يشارك في قناتي

  48. Balde Aguirre says

    Valverde out, please.

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